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Our Partners


To meet your requirements, we work with our partners to pull together in the same direction!

When it comes to customer projects, we build on many years of trustworthy collaboration with a variety of partners at leading technology, systems, and software companies.

Technology partner:

Attunity Ltd

Attunity is a provider of software solutions for the provision, dissemination and distribution of data across heterogeneous platforms and companies. The software solutions comprise data replications, Change Data Capture (CDC), data connectivity, the replication of company files (EFR), managed file transfer (MFT) and Cloud data output.




The GIP Gesellschaft für Innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH develops human resources management software for governmental, public sector and social sector employers in the Federal Republic of Germany. GIP's software and services have been deployed for over 30 years now and are currently used by no less than 25,000 employers. GIP offers highly specialized solutions in all areas of Human Capital Management (HCM). 




For more than ten years now, innoWake gmbh has been providing innovative, effective and flexible solutions for the modernization of applications and development environments. 




Intellinx, a Bottomline Technologies Company, is a provider of cyber fraud and risk management solutions.




ObserveIT is the leading Insider Threat Management solution with more than 1,600 customers across 87 countries. ObserveIT is the only solution that empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent data exfiltration.





Splunk® offers Operational Intelligence solutions. Splunk mines machine data for knowledge that will make your company more productive, more profitable, more competitive and more secure.




SysAid Technologies is a provider of IT Management solutions that help IT specialists to manage and administer systems and infrastructures both more easily and more efficiently.



Project partner

Partner companies give us the opportunity to use knowledge transfer to cover the broad spectrum of sectors of the IT landscape together with our own employees. The exchange of our consultant and specialist capacities with other experienced experts guarantees our customers optimum conditions for their IT projects.