Software engineering for individual company requirements

Rely on our know-how – custom software is our specialty!

As our customer, you'll benefit from our comprehensive technical knowledge from a single source. As one of the few IT service providers in the German market, we offer expert knowledge through our well-founded know-how in current technologies and architectures as well as in the classic environment of tried and tested technologies. Our many years of project experience mean reliable success in your projects and development plans.

We turn ideas into software

Starting with your ideas, through analysis and implementation to maintenance: we develop custom software with high quality. One focus of our work is the implementation of enterprise applications that support and optimize your internal processes.

We take over complete and partial projects on our own responsibility or support you in special challenges in all disciplines of software engineering.

Not only at home in your industry

For more than 35 years we have been developing software for customers from various industries. That means our employees gain experience in various areas, identify trends, and are able to develop solutions that go beyond the focus of your specific industry.

High-quality solutions

We develop sophisticated, high-quality solutions, individually adapted to your needs. We also consider non-functional requirements, such as:

  • High availability and dynamic scalability (also in the Cloud)
  • Consideration of different terminal devices and communication channels (multichannel and multidevice)
  • Strict security requirements
  • High-quality user interfaces with optimum usability

Practiced developer teams

We deploy practiced teams of developers who implement your requirements on the basis of current (> Java/.NET) or > classical technologies in a technically competent, efficient, and effective manner, working on concrete software solutions in close coordination with you. If required, there can be a smooth transition to > maintenance and care of your applications.

Flexible requirement and project management

As a rule, we rely on agile methods. This is how we ensure that the application meets your actual needs. Since our experience shows that the very dynamic, agile approach is not suitable for every development project, we also combine agile methods with classical process models.

We therefore offer you our services on the basis of different contract models:

  • As a service charged by the hour (suitable for agile procedures)
  • As work for hire at a fixed price (for classical process models)

Custom solutions for any challenge

  • Web

    Do you need a modern, custom-tailored Web application?

  • Modernization

    Do your business-critical legacy applications need extension or modernization?

  • Integration

    Are you struggling to integrate an ever-growing number of applications?

  • Architecture

    Are you planning a modern overall architecture that is based on your heterogeneous system landscape?

  • Cloud

    Should new applications to be developed take advantage of a Cloud environment?

  • Migration

    Are you considering migrating existing applications to the Cloud?

Cloud development

Many companies are considering moving applications to the Cloud for cost reasons, among others. But in order to actually be able to use that savings potential, the software in question must be developed or modernized to be Cloud-compatible. Potential savings can be achieved by the combination of:

  • Flexible billing models (based on the resources actually used) and
  • Simplifying the operation of an application in the Cloud.

We develop your applications optimized for Cloud use in order to actually achieve the savings potential you hope for. Our developers are aware of the challenges of Cloud infrastructures, which are already taken into consideration during design of the software. We also support you in the analysis of existing applications in order to show ways to achieve a "soft" migration into the Cloud, that is, the step-by-step migration of components of a monolithic system.

Web applications

One of our focal points is the development of complex web applications. Of course, we develop these with a responsive design optimized for use on mobile devices.

Here you can read our reference report on how we created a modern, high-performance web application for Universal Music Group.

Modernization – we build products ready for the future

  • Analysis

    Analysis of the existing IT landscape, development of a customized strategy

  • Implementation

    In a project for different forms of modernization

  • Development Environment

    Implementation based on Eclipse, for example for Natural and COBOL

  • Lifecycle Management

    Distribution of all objects to different target environments

  • Connection

    of systems on different platforms and technologies

  • Integration

    of established, possibly non-relational data sources and/or third-party applications into your core applications

  • Migration

    of your legacy applications to new platforms and new technologies

  • Managed Services

    for the long-term, reliable management of your legacy systems

  • Cloud

    Creation of complete or hybrid Cloud capability for applications

Experience and custom strategy

We can offer you a systematic, evolutionary path to the modernization of custom software. Together with you, we develop individual strategies to make your legacy corporate applications future-ready:
economical, flexible, attractive, and high-performance.

We support you with our field-tested modernization tools, including > Deloitte innoWake mee and > Attunity Integration Suite, which ensure an evolutionary, low-risk, cost-effective approach.
You can also read why there are so many advantages for companies looking for a suitable IT service provider to rely on medium-sized companies.

Advantages of modernization

  • Future-oriented technology
  • Greater flexibility in your business processes
  • Lower licensing and maintenance costs
  • Security for your investments in systems and know-how
  • Significant extension of the life cycle of legacy applications
  • Significant improvement in maintainability

Integration – simple solutions for complex system landscapes

Our concept

More than 30 years of experience in a large number of projects in a wide variety of industries and comprehensive know-how in both the latest and classic technologies – that's what you get with Consist. We offer you flexible, lightweight microservice architectures – from very small to very large – and the sweet spot of open-source components with optional enterprise support.

Advantages of our integration solutions

  • Cost savings
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
Sales Manager Projects Michael Voelkel

Recognize your potential!

If you're looking for places to start with optimization and the specific advantages you'll gain by integration, we can offer you a workshop.

We offer you a 2-day workshop in which we'll analyze your interface landscape, discuss the technical implementation, and plan the organizational integration.

Michael Voelkel

Senior Sales Manager Projects, Consist

Our services

  • Evaluation

    Workshop to determine your potential benefits

  • Implementation

    of interface/integration scenarios

  • Maintenance

    Service and maintenance, for example through our

    Managed Services

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Michael Voelkel

Sales Manager Projects

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