IT Security – the basis for your company

Ever-growing volumes of data, massive networking of information, and daily new security threats make IT security a central issue.

Companies need to secure their own networks and data as well as possible, while simultaneously providing seamless documentation of their security situation.

Our holistic approach

ganzheitlicher Ansatz

With Consist's holistic IT security concept, you can document your compliance with statutory security requirements while improving the performance of your IT for the long term.

From the security analysis of your company to permanent compliance with security standards, you get a modular, needs-oriented implementation of the individual services.

Key issues for your IT security strategy

  • Vulnerability and penetration testing

    Detection of vulnerabilities in the company

  • Audits

    Performance of Audits in accordance with §8a BSIG and ISO 27001 also for

    KRITIS companies
  • Data protection and compliance

    Consulting on legal and organizational obligations

  • Information Security Management System

    Consulting, implementation, audit support, and follow up concerning

    ISMS according to ISO 27001
  • Security Information and Event Management

    Consulting, implementation with Splunk, and operation of the

  • Security Orchestration and Automated Response

    Consulting, implementation with Phantom, and operation of the

  • Security Operation Center

    Consulting and design of the setup of the

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Consulting, implementation of ObserveIT, and operation concerning

  • User Behaviour Management

    User Behaviour: monitoring and analytics using ObserveIT concerning


Services related to our IT Security strategy

Analyze and Detect

  • Vulnerability tests
  • Penetration tests
  • Documentation and evaluation of vulnerabilities
  • Management consulting


  • Development of a suitable security strategy
  • Preparation and support for certifications
  • Technical consulting and training
  • Coaching


  • Introduction of insider threat management
  • Setup of a SIEM, SOAR, or SOC
  • Projects for modernization, digitization, and Big Data
  • Managed Services
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Your company benefits in multiple ways

  • Data and legal security
  • Improved IT performance
  • Stronger image among stakeholders

Certified Consist experts

The protection of IT against threats and real attacks is vital. Our security consultants and analysts design state-of-the-art security strategies and best practices, then implement them to meet specific customer needs.

Our consultants have many years of project experience in finance, industry, retail, and logistics. Consist customers appreciate the implementation of the security measures resulting from compliance requirements, imposed for instance by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the associated very individual connections to proprietary systems that were previously difficult to monitor.

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Asmus Hammer

Asmus Hammer

Sales Manager Projects

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IT Security Experte Dennis Buroh


IT security solutions should be legally secure as well as meaningful, easy to integrate, and scalable to the size of the company using them.

Expert voices

"IT security isn't a budget question – IT security has to be lived. The best security systems and security tools are useless if they're bypassed by employees."

Dennis Buroh

Senior Consultant IT Security, Consist

FAQs on IT Security

Doesn't data monitoring inevitably come at the expense of employee rights?

No, modern solutions take this into account by pseudonymizing the data.

Does every company need a SIEM?

It is not yet mandatory for every company. However, it makes it far easier to detect and prevent security incidents from various sources.

What is the best way for a company active in the field of critical infrastructures to meet the requirements of the GDPR?

With a solution that provides seamless documentation and at the same time works frugally with data.

Are employees really so frequently the trigger for data accidents or data theft?

Unfortunately, they are – both unconsciously as well as intentionally. Currently about 30% of security incidents are caused by employees.

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