Glassix is an omnichannel messaging platform for service, sales and support centers

It is becoming increasingly normal for consumers to contact manufacturers and service providers at any time via WhatsApp, e-mail, web chat, text messages, or social media. The Glassix omnichannel platform enables seamless conversations with effective interaction and documentation.

Consist offers licenses and implementation solutions for the Glassix customer service software.

Seamless customer communication across all levels of information


The communication via all digital channels desired by customers is combined immediately, and this is supplemented by possibilities for direct interaction and documentation.


Based on a specially-developed API, easy integration is enabled with CRM systems, service call management systems, ERP systems, and artificial intelligence.


Omnnichannel communication enables a single employee to answer multiple inquiries at the same time, without compromising the quality of support.

Glassix – added value for businesses

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Glassix – customer quotes

Logo von Estée Lauder

"... changes to orders, product exchanges, delivery, professional advice, and more, all through one communication system."

Logo von Hertz

"We realized that this is the right system for us both from the richness of its features and the flexibility it offered us as well as the simplicity of implementation."


In the > interview, the Operations and Customer Service Manager at Estée Lauder explains how Glassix, in combination with WhatsApp for Business, has accelerated the flow of information across all digital channels and brought them together in one central dashboard.

After a proof of concept, > Hertz was enthusiastic about how quickly customers used the newly implemented digital service channels and would now like to use Glassix in additional areas of the company.

Glassix shortens the customers’ waiting time for an employee

Unlike on the phone, GLASSIX's omnichannel communication enables a single employee to serve multiple customers at once. The system provides customers with good, fast, and efficient service, without increasing the number of service personnel required: costs are reduced and profitability is maximized, without compromising the quality of customer service.

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Real-time chats and instructions for troubleshooting

GLASSIX enables the transfer of images, product explanations, and instructions between companies and their customers as early as during a chat. For example, this enables a customer who has a problem with operating an electrical device to send a picture of this device to the company representative, who can then in return send back a video with a relevant explanation. In addition to the transfer of static images, the system enables real-time chat between the company representative and the customer.

Optimal customer experience

GLASSIX enables companies to provide service to their customers through any digital channel. The use of digital channels significantly increases customer satisfaction and strengthens the company's image as progressive and innovative.

KPI/controlling dashboards

The GLASSIX management interface allows call center managers to track all activities in real time as well as retrospectively, review delegated work, and receive detailed reports on call handling times.

Efficiency: all connections are centralized in a uniform interface

At GLASSIX, the focus lies on the interface for service representatives. With a uniform and advanced system interface, they can easily and efficiently deliver their service across a wide variety of channels. In short, GLASSIX improves the experience of service employees, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of service, sales and support centers.

Glassix – the functions

Advanced API

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Integration between the various company systems is of paramount importance. That's why GLASSIX has an advanced API, which allows developers both inside and outside the company to quickly and easily perform the integration.

Integration with CRM/ERP systems

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The GLASSIX system can connect to a wide range of company systems such as SysAid, Salesforce, and CRM Dynamics, as well as CC systems such as Calltech, Aspire, and other telephony systems.

Quality assurance for customer satisfaction

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The system's administration interface enables management to monitor and optimize employee activity in real time or retrospectively. In combination with customer surveys, GLASSIX provides a comprehensive assessment of service quality and customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp business API

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The WhatsApp business API enables companies to route referrals to different corporate departments through a single WhatsApp number.

Automated processes and an AI-based bot

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GLASSIX offers a variety of automated conversation processes, such as checking inventory levels, clarifying order status, scheduling appointments, or answering questions. The automated flow builder enables companies to combine text, questions, buttons, external APIs, conditions, and much more. In addition, Glassix flows can also be linked with any external AI and NLP engine.

Easy integration of info media

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Scripts, instructional videos, tutorials, photos, and presentations can easily be sent to the customer during the chat.

Glassix takes security very seriously

  • Secure login mechanism, including 2FA with user monitoring and locking
  • Content disarm & reconstruction (CDR), scanning files for viruses
  • HTTPS with restricted access only from within the organization (based on IP addresses)

  • An encrypted and secure API, which provides the option to move information to the cloud after it has been stored in the CRM system
  • A database that is registered and approved pursuant to data protection legislation
  • Monitoring system for documenting all processes in the system

Give your customers another reason to recommend you!

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If your customers know that they can reach an employee of your company quickly, from any platform and without waiting, their loyalty to your brand will increase. You can turn a casual customer into a referral customer who will also recommend you to friends. Glassix technology is therefore an essential tool for building customer loyalty and expanding an existing customer base.

Your contact for Glassix

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Nicolas Dohrendorf

Department Manager Products & Delivery

phone: +49 431 3993-763

mobile: +49 173 7139397


FAQ about Glassix

Multichannel and omnichannel communication - what's the difference?

The two concepts are similar, if not identical. It can be said that omnichannel in perception expresses perfect communication, where the customer can instantly contact the company's representative from any platform - smartphone, tablet, computer and phone - anywhere, anytime and via the digital channel of their choice - WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, emails, on-site chat, SMS messages and more.

What sets GLASSIX apart from other omnichannel solutions?

  • Glassix allows the company representative speaking to a customer to switch from one channel to another during the call without interrupting the communication flow.
  • The system enables the transmission of photos and videos between the customer and the company representative to illustrate the problem and the solution.
  • GLASSIX provides a user-friendly interface for managing call scripts.
  • The system supports sending digital documents to the customer's cell phone with the ability to digitally sign on the phone screen, allowing you to handle business processes that require the signing of documents and forms as efficiently and immediately as possible.
  • A digital conference call between multiple participants is possible, e.g. adding a senior support representative or a field technician to a conference call in real time, regardless of the communication channel.
  • GLASSIX offers an open API that enables easy integration with CRM systems, service call management systems, ERP systems and artificial intelligence engines.

Which company systems can GLASSIX be connected to?

Full integration between WhatsApp Business and Glassix can be achieved via the API for most CRM/ERP systems, including SalesForce, SAP, Oracle, Hubspot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more.

How long does it take to install Glassix?

The setup time for GLASSIX is very quick and in many cases can be completed in just one day.

Integration of Glassix WhatsApp for companies – what is possible with it?

  • Routing requests that enable customers, suppliers and all interested parties to reach every department, employee or representative in the company.
  • Process automation, call prioritization and queue management.
  • Control and monitoring of the work of agents and SLA by the manager.
  • Real-time management screens.

About Glassix

Glassix was founded to transform the way service and technology professionals serve end customers to give them the best experience. The company was founded in 2015 and is a partner of Consist.

Glassix's development teams work around the clock to provide an up-to-date, improved and innovative product. Efficiency is maximized by using the most advanced technologies available today.