Application management and service

We give you the freedom you need using responsible application management across all technologies.

Pragmatic, with custom scalability, and always transparent! You can rely on our many years of experience.

Management customized to your needs

  • Application management

    Maintenance of 2nd and 3rd level support applications

  • Further development

    Optimization, further development, migration, and modernization of applications as required

  • Modern technologies

    Know-how in C#, .NET, Java and solutions like Splunk or ObserveIT

  • Legacy technologies

    Know-how in Cobol, Adabas/Natural, PL/I

  • Processes

    Standardized processes and workflows (ITIL-compliant)

  • Incident coordination

    Interface for communication in case of errors

  • Transparent

    Continuous cost and quality monitoring using extensive reporting

  • Personal

    Reliable personal support from both the team and a Service Manager

  • Individual

    High flexibility in time availability and customizable service volumes

Personal commitment

Consist has offered its Managed Services for many years and a variety of clients, going far beyond the usual IT services. Anything a customer leaves in the hands of our capable staff becomes our own focus.

The Managed Services team consists of professional, committed partners that care about the customer's needs as though they were their own – and who feel personal responsibility for the success of their project. That gives our customers trust in the working relationship – a relationship that very frequently lasts many years.

Your contact

Michael Meisner

Michael Meisner

Portfolio Manager Managed Services

phone: +49 431 3993-671

mobile: +49 152 08943526