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IT security with ObserveIT

Detect, analyze, and prevent

More security – data protection required by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

  • Do you want to get an overview of who is doing – internal as well as external – what and when on your servers and devices?
  • Would you like to minimize the risk of cyber attacks to business-critical data using more transparency and control?
  • Are you looking for a tool that supports you in meeting your compliance obligations (better)?
  • Are you planning to save time and money by using an optimized error/cause analysis?

With ObserveIT, Consist is now offering a software product that supports secure IT operation by completely recording (visual forensics) and reproducing user input. Based on additional stored metadata, user recordings can be searched, navigated and replayed. So you can detect and analyze harmful cyber-attacks from outside as well as insider activities instantly, preventing data loss and new attacks.

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation increases the requirements for companiesin protecting personal data. In particular, it requires technical measures for compliance with the new monitoring and accounting obligations placed on companies. ObserveIT fulfills these requirements as per Art.23 et seq – e.g. for Insider Threat Management.


  • Legal compliance possible thanks to permissions and precision control of recording targets (employee rights, data privacy, BSI guide line for insider threat)
  • Capture of USB media
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Employee training from ObserveIT, even live at work
  • Detailed metadata and extensive keylogging functionality
  • Extensive search functionality
  • Intelligent reporting and analysis tools
  • Custom configuration according to your security policy
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Protocol-independent:
  • SSH, ICA (Citrix), TS, RDP, and more
  • Stable security structure
  • Low space requirements
  • Supplements system management solutions

Structured, clear view of metadata in program manager

Fast intuitive search within the metadata

View critical user activities in program manager

Consist = your competent ObserveIT partner

Consist is an "ObserveIT certified partner". The certification ensures comprehensive technical knowledge of the software and signals to customers that the partner company can provide particularly competent support. Also Consist offers training about the product and using it.

System requirements (server)

  • MS SQL Server
  • IIS with ASP.NET
  • .NET Framework (1.1 or better)

Systems supported

  • Windows Server and Windows desktop systems
  • MAC
  • Unix/Linux: RHEL/CentOS, Oracle Linux, SLES SuSE, Ubuntu, AIX
  • Citrix: XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Fulfillment of EU General Data Protection by real-time monitoring and pseudonymized documentation
  • Improve IT security and compliance
  • Reduce application error and prevent by live user trainings
  • Minimize risks by monitoring and managing of insider activities as well as cyber-attacks from outside
  • Save cost and time in a variety of error analysis and reports in real time
  • Detect security holes and deter of abuse
  • Document of activities and knowledge transfer

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About the manufacturer ObserveIT

ObserveIT is the world's leading Insider Threat Management solution. ObserveIT helps more than 1,200 enterprise-class-customers detect insider threat and stop data loss. ObserveIT's award-winning Insider Threat Management software combines best-of-breed user monitoring, advanced behavioral analytics, and irrefutable visual forensics.

ObserveIT's agent-based approach installs in minutes and adds behavioral context not readily available in log files. ObserveIT is the most effective insider threat management solution for prioritize investigatins, analyze user risk, and change the behavior of bad actors and unwitting users.


Edgar Denis
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Edgar Denis

In brief

ObserveIT is a software package that permits complete video playback of all user activity as well as the entire screen contents of all terminals and remote desktop systems. It provides an overview of who is performing activities as well as what is happening on the servers. ObserveIT fulfills monitoring and recordkeeping obligations as per Art. 22 – e.g. for Insider Threat Management. Consist is a certified partner of ObserveIT.