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Data Analytics with Splunk

Which enterprise processes do want to analyze?

More security – more performance for your data

  • Do you want to achieve a high level of transparency in your application management to minimize escalations and downtime as well as to develop applications better?
  • Do you want to record and improve the performance and reliability of your IT operation throughout your IT infrastructure?
  • Do you want to detect and prevent problems throughout your virtual and non-virtual infrastructure?
  • Do you want to analyze problems with security and compliance proactively and in real time over all your data?
  • Do you want to secure your company IT with a comprehensive SIEM solution?

Splunk is the engine for computer data. With Splunk, you can detect, index, and use the quickly changing computer data generated by all your applications, servers, and devices, whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Search and analyze all real time data and historical data from a central location.


  • Real-time architecture
  • Universal platform for machine data
  • Building of a professional SIEM system
  • Schema-on-the-fly
  • Agile reports and analysis
  • Scaling from laptops to data centers
  • Faster ROI without risk
  • Lively community

Our Splunk consultants are certified and have excellent, award-winning know-how.


Make access to your computer data easier and simplify its use

With Splunk, real-time computer data and terabytes of historical data can be monitored, analyzed, and presented in reports, either locally or in the cloud. And as a service provider, Consist can offer a combination of modern Big Data knowledge and years of IT experience.

Start out by using Splunk for a specific solution area. Then use Splunk and your computer data to solve other urgent problems over time.

Full service package for Splunk, from initial consultation to Managed Services

Consist provides you with one-stop shopping for all the services you need for your Splunk application from initial consultation and implementation to supervision and further development. Our custom-tailored Managed Services for Splunk can include, for example, extension to new application scenarios, the development of new or upgrade of existing search queries (dashboards), release management, configuration or reconfiguration, optimization and addition of Splunk components, and user and administrator training.

Consist is a Splunk partner and was named "Regional Newcomer of the Year 2012" in 2013.

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Recording of data from user transactions, customer behavior, computer behavior, and fraudulent activity
  • Storage of information for administration, protection, and monitoring of your IT environment, whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud
  • Comprehensive transparency and knowledge for the optimization of IT and business
  • Improvement of service levels
  • Reduction in IT operating costs
  • Minimization of security risks

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About Splunk

Splunk is the leading provider of operational intelligence software, with real time computer data as well as terabytes of historical data monitored, analyzed, and presented in reports on-site or in the cloud. More than 5,600 companies, service providers, and authorities in 90 countries are using Splunk to improve service levels, reduce IT operating costs, reduce security risks, and increase the transparency of operational processes.


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Torben Schuldt

In brief

Use Splunk to correct application problems and examine security-relevant incidents within minutes instead of within days or even months, to monitor your IT infrastructure, to prevent slowing or downtime in services, and to achieve compliance at a lower cost.

Splunk significantly increases the efficiency of organizations – with considerably higher productivity, lower costs, and new discoveries that can increase sales and profit.

Get to know Splunk!

We offer you the following test options:

  • Production presentation
  • Workshop
  • Proof of Concept

Test version free of charge

Splunk can be downloaded for free. The Download includes all the functionality of the enterprise license for the latest version of Splunk, which will be available for 60 days. You can index up to 500 MB of data per day. After 60 days (or at any time before then), you can convert your version to a time-unlimited free license, or purchase an enterprise license to continue using the extended functions for enterprise multi-user environments.

If you've already installed Splunk and want to know how you can convert your enterprise test version into a free license, please click here: More About Splunk Free.