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IT service management with SysAid

Everything – easily!

A central IT service management solution

  • Do you want to manage service requests better and reduce processing times massively?
  • Do you want your IT staff to be able to handle user requests even on a mobile basis from any location?
  • Are you not exactly sure what assets are available in your IT environment?
  • Or would you simply like to be able to get a quick overview of the licenses you have in-house and who is using them?

Then use SysAid with integrated asset management. Consist offers licenses and consulting services for SysAid.


SysAid coordinates internal IT service and its management, network operations, process analysis, and the use of IT staff, all in one comprehensible solution. Its features include:

  • Service desk with end user portal and mobile help desk as an app
  • Communication channels:
    • E-mail, chat, SMS, messenger, remote control, live chat
  • Mobile device management
  • Asset management
  • Knowledge base
  • Service level management
  • ITIL package (CMDB, problem and change management)
  • Monitoring for servers and network devices
  • Extensive reporting
  • Management dashboard
  • Customizable

Simply unbeatable

SysAid is attractive due to its absolute easy way of use. The solution is very easy to install and configure in just minutes, and can be integrated flexibly into your company's IT environment.

With SysAid, you get a full service package: All system components are delivered in a single installation file and can be enabled quickly as needed using license keys.

Get to know SysAid in 5 minutes

IT from anywhere

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Reduce costs
    with integrated IT service management
  • Save time
    with central system support
  • Faster responses to service requests
    by using a central IT service management solution
  • Get an overview
    with dynamic reports
  • Increase the productivity of your IT service staff
    with a central IT service management system
  • License management
    with actively supported configuration management

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About the product manufacturer SysAid Technologies Ltd.

SysAid Technologies Ltd. headquartered in Israel, is a leading provider of IT management solutions. The goal of SysAid is to enable IT experts to manage their IT infrastructure more easily and efficiently. The daily challenges of IT experts are mastered with intuitive, innovative, and cost-effective tools.

You can find more videos about SysAid at


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In brief

SysAid is a central IT service management solution. More than 60,000 organizations and IT departments around the world are using SysAid. The Free Edition is suitable for small organizations, while for midsize and large companies there are the Pro Edition and Enterprise Edition. Consist is an authorized sales partner of SysAid.