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Attunity integration

Have your data on hand at all times

Integrate and transfer your data wherever you want

  • Do you want to access your "exotic" data sources in a standard manner (SQL)?
  • Would you like to reduce the high costs of maintenance of the data interfaces in your complex software architecture?
  • Are you planning to reduce the variety of data interfaces you use? Is a consolidation or migration of data sources in your near future?
  • Are you planning data warehousing/data mining projects?
  • Would single views on certain business data from different data sources help you?
  • Do you want to be able to transport or replicate net data to the data warehouse in real time, or into the cloud from different platforms?


Attunity is a product family that has a solution-oriented structure:

  • Attunity Replicate:
    With high-performance data replication, companies can accelerate their data transfer and reduce data transfer costs.
  • Attunity CloudBeam:
    Attunity CloudBeam is a SaaS offering (Software as a Service) which accelerates data transfer to cloud storage (such as AWS S3). Powerful replication is also supported between different cloud environments or storage regions.
  • Attunity CDC (Change Data Capture):
     Attunity CDC exclusively detects changes in both relational and non-relational enterprise data sources, and makes them available for further processing. Change Data Capture, which is based on log files, avoids the transfer of complete files (bulk transfer) in order to support things like ETL processes efficiently and with high performance.
  • Attunity CDC for Microsoft SSIS
    This tool integrates CDC functionality optimally into Microsoft SSIS, permitting the transfer of large quantities of data efficiently in real time.
  • Attunity Connect
    Attunity Connect provides access with standard methods and protocols to a variety of relational and non-relational data sources.
  • Attunity Federate
    This tool makes it possible for companies to create virtual data models based on heterogeneous data sources, then use them transparently for processing, for example for business intelligence analysis and reporting.
  • Attunity RepliWeb for ARA (Application Release Automation)
    This application release automation and Web content deployment tool manages and simplifies the distribution of applications and digital content using different IT infrastructures, including in the cloud.
  • Attunity EFR (Enterprise File Replication)
    Attunity EFR is a highly scalable, heterogeneous solution for file replication and synchronization that has been optimized for Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures. This tool is a fast, reliable way to replicate, mirror, create a backup, or even migrate unstructured data.
  • Attunity MFT (Managed File Transfer)
    Attunity MFT allows organizations to carry out business-critical data transfers automatically, securely, and quickly using standard Internet connections. Industry-specific security and auditing requirements are taken into consideration. It ensures that even the transfer of large quantities of data can be accelerated.

Flexible data access strengthens your business

Make use of all the corporate data you have, regardless of where it is stored and how it is structured. Attunity supports an outstanding variety of platforms, operating systems, protocols, applications, and data sources. Attunity gives you standardized, central access to the information you need in real time, making it possible for you to link this information together in a goal-oriented manner.

German-language support through Consist

As an authorized reseller for Attunity in Germany, Consist offers its customers competent, German-language first-level support.

Data sources, application systems, and platforms supported by Attunity

  • Relational
    • DB2*, DB2/400*, DBMS, Informix, Ingres, Oracle*, Oracle Rdb, SQL/MP*, SQL Server*, Sybase
  • Non-relational
    • Adabas*, delimited text, C/D ISAM, Enscribe*, flat files, IMS/DB*, RMS, QSAM, VSAM*
  • Applications
    • COBOL, CICS & CICS Queue, IMS/TM, Natural, RPG, Pathway, Tuxedo & Tuxedo Queue, Any 3 GL
  • Platforms
    • OS/390, z/OS, AS/400, HP NonStop, OpenVMS, UNIX, Linux, Windows

* Change Data Capture is also available for these data sources

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Universal data access to all your company's data
  • Integration of the data provided through Attunity into existing applications
  • Increased flexibility
  • Possibility of business process optimization
    • Cost savings, including those due to net data transfer using CDC
    • Real time processing of enterprise data

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Attunity product manufacturer

Attunity is a leading provider of software solutions for the provision of information that permit access, exchange, and distribution of data in heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. Software solutions from Attunity include data replications, Change Data Capture (CDC), data connectivity, Enterprise File Replication (EFR), Managed File Transfer (MFT), and data provision in the cloud.

Attunity was founded in 1987 and operates worldwide. The Attunity software package is in direct use by over 1000 companies around the globe. Tens of thousands of companies also use Attunity software indirectly through the solutions of many well-known OEM partners.


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In brief

Attunity makes access to and integration of data sources and legacy applications enormously simpler on platforms from Windows to the mainframe. Consist is an authorized reseller of Attunity in Germany, with our own first-level support.