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Modernization with ConsistADS

New perspectives – greater freedom

Innovative alternatives for Adabas/Natural users

  • Are you planning to modernize your business-critical trusted legacy applications written in Natural?
  • Would you like to save licensing and maintenance costs at the same time?
  • Do you want to reduce your dependency on a single tool provider?

With ConsistADS, we offer you an attractive development and runtime environment (IDE) that can be used to develop and execute Natural programs. Consist ADS thus reduces costs and gives you freedom to act.


ConsistADS is a complete development suite that includes a compiler, runtime system, broker, and migration toolset. Its important features are:

  • Conversion and execution of Natural applications
    • Automated conversion of the source code into Consist Advance, Consist's 4GL language
    • Generation of universal binary code, independent of the target platform
    • Support for the design of Web-based applications
  • Replacement of Adabas databases with an RDBMS, particularly DB2
    • Worldwide Consist/IBM partnership for DB2 with ConsistADS      
    • Tool-supported conversion of Adabas data structures into relational database structures
  • Extensive development environment
    • Functionality for the editing, compiling, debugging, installation, and distribution of objects
    • Thin client solution: ConsistADS editor and screen display at runtime in the Web browser
    • Version control in distributed and collaborative environments
  • Robust, proven communications layer
  • Cluster capability
    • to increase scalability
    • to support very large numbers of users

Modernization with simultaneous cost reduction

Countless core applications at large companies are written in Natural, and they've been in use for decades. Until now, Natural applications could only be executed with a single, special runtime environment.

ConsistADS has changed all that, and represents a true alternative:

  • Reduction of licensing and maintenance costs required until now
  • Modernization of data storage by migrating to an RDBMS
  • Modernization of the user interface with contemporary Web technology

Systems supported

ConsistADS is available both on the mainframe (z/OS, z/Linux) and on the major open source systems platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows). That ensures the portability and scalability of your applications.

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Modernization of Adabas/Natural applications
  • Cost reduction for operation and maintenance
  • Reduced manufacturer dependency

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In brief

With the ConsistADS suite, your company's Natural/Adabas-based application systems can be fully migrated and modernized. The special feature of ConsistADS is its ability to automatically migrate and execute application systems coded in Natural.