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Modernization with innoWake

Onwards and upwards: The evolutionary path to innovation

Satisfy your desires for modernization

  • Do you want to reduce licensing and maintenance costs for trusted legacy applications?
  • Are you asking yourself how your new hires with Java know-how will be able to maintain and extend your trusted Cobol, Natural, or PL1-based applications in the future?
  • Do you wish that development departments that have been technologically separated in the past could work together now?
  • Do you miss version control and intelligent deployment – for both legacy and new technologies?
  • Do you want to bring your trusted legacy applications, your know-how, and your individual processes into the future?
  • Would you like to increase user acceptance by introducing a graphical interface based on today's Web technology?
  • Do you wish that new technologies establishing on the market be supported in the future without effort as regards the user interface?

We can support you in planning and implementing your modernization plans using our well-proven concepts, our comprehensive experience in software modernization, and the targeted use of suitable tools, such as maxenso products.


  • Modernization of development
    • Process
    • Environment
    • Main features: Cobol, Natural, and PL/1 applications can be developed and maintained based on the standard Eclipse development environment.
      • Version control, such as Subversion
      • Custom modeling and unification options in mixed teams for the development, build, and deployment processes
      • Independence from the operating system
    • Tools: maxenso application builder, maxenso cobolclipse, maxenso lifecycle manager, maxenso natclips
  • Modernization of the application
    • GUI
    • SOA
    • Main features: Step-by-step modernization of trusted legacy applications instead of redevelopment or using standard software
      • Support for model-driven development
      • Highly automated processes
      • Modern, future-ready architecture due to independence from the technology used
    • Tools: maxenso application builder, maxenso cobolclipse, maxenso lifecycle manager, maxenso natclips
  • Migration
    • Programming language
    • Operating system
    • Database
    • Main features: Highly automated code transfer to Java or .NET
      • Option of changing:
      • Platform (e.g. from mainframe to Unix), database (e.g. from Adabas to a relational database)
      • Maintainable, high-performance code, same quantity of code
      • Easily understandable syntax
    • Variants: Migration without modernization (pure 1-to-1 conversion from Natural, Cobol, and PL/1 to Java or .NET)
      • Migration during step-by-step modernization
    • Tools: maxenso batch, maxenso enterprise engine, maxenso meeclipse, maxenso soa connector
  • Redevelopment
    • Business-oriented development
    • Main features: Code generation from a business model
      • Application is service-oriented
      • Technology independence
      • Tools: maxenso soa connector, maxenso application builder
    • Tools: maxenso application builder, maxenso soa connector

Unique conversion with maintenance

The solution offered by Consist includes a converter that converts Natural, Cobol, or PL/1 code 1-to-1 to Java code, 100% automatically. A feature that sets it apart from other solutions available on the market is that the resulting code is still maintainable by developers! Of course, you can also entrust us with the maintenance as part of our Managed Services offering.

Future-ready architecture as a particular strength

If you use Ajax, GWT, Java Swing, or similar user interface technologies today, you can't know which Web technology may be in your future. Our solution is ready. The modern architecture that underlies our modernization techniques ensures that your application systems will still be open to the current technology of tomorrow.

Gentle modernization

One significant feature of modernization with maxenso is the evolutionary approach.  That brings you a low-risk conversion and ensures that your developers will also be brought along from classical technologies into the modernized IT world.

Consist manages your modernization project

The recommendation and use of suitable tools is only one aspect of a modernization project. If you're looking for more, you're in the right place. We can support you end-to-end with strategy consulting, planning, project management, implementation, and later management, all oriented to your individual requirements. You can rely on our extensive know-how gained from successful modernization projects in a wide variety of industries.

What you get – advantages of modernization with Consist and innoWake tools

  • Easily maintained
  • Gentle, low-risk modernization
  • Future-readiness with technology-independent modeling
  • Added flexibility and higher agility
  • Cost reduction for licenses, maintenance, and hardware
  • Increased user acceptance for the application
  • High level of automation during the modernization process
  • Increased productivity in development and code quality
  • Reduced complexity with defined interfaces
  • Standardization
  • Uniform development tools and merging of your developer teams
  • Support for different migration variants
  • Version control

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About innoWake GmbH

For more than ten years innoWake gmbh has provided innovative, sustainable, and flexible solutions for the modernization of applications and development environments. This allows innoWake to support companies in creating reliable solutions for the strategic orientation of their future-ready IT architecture. Consist has been a partner of innoWake and official reseller of innoWake products since 2007.


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Sales Manager Projects
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Michael Voelkel

In brief

For modernization and development projects, we use established software solutions based on the maxenso products (maximum enterprise solutions) of our partner innoWake.  maxenso offers a comprehensive product suite for the modernization and migration of applications as well as for the modernization of software development and for new development.

Consist is an official reseller of innoWake products, bringing its many years of experience from diverse and very differently oriented modernization projects to the table for the implementation of your own IT strategy.