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Cruise ship app – Traumschiff-App

Never miss your favorite cruise ship again

Know what's happening on the Fjord

Know what's happening on the Fjord In the application's main menu, you can choose between photos of ships, detailed, information, a live map with recommended observation points, and a calendar function.
  • Which ships are currently on the move in the Kiel Fjord?
  • Are you looking for the exact position of a cruise ship?
  • Which ship is currently near your location?
  • When will your favorite cruise ship visit the Kiel Fjord?
  • Where will you have the best view of the ship?

The “Traumschiffe in Kiel” app shows a list of all channel passages in Kiel-Holtenau for the year, along with the arrival times in the Port of Kiel of passenger ships and ferries with a minimum length of 50 m.


The ship list contains a list of details of all cruise ships arriving at Kiel.

Our app "Taumschiffe in Kiel" provides ship fans, hobby photographers, and water sports enthusiasts with comprehensive, free information about cruise ships in Kiel:

  • Live position data for all passenger ships and ferries (50 m or longer) in the Kiel Fjord and in the Kiel Canal up to Brunsbüttel.
  • Choose between different views:
    • Alphabetically sorted list of all cruise ships arriving in the current year
  • Monthly overview of ship movements
  • The day's up-to-date ship arrivals in the fast overview
Don't miss anything! The live map shows the actual arrival dates at Kiel Fjord and Kiel Canal.
  • Detailed ship information (construction year, width, length, draft, gross tonnage, etc.) and pictures of each cruise ship
  • Transfer of individual arrival dates into the calendar of the smart phone
  • Tips for advantageous observation points
  • Available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (iOS 4.3 and up) and Android (Version 2.2 and up).
Date listof the year: Presentation of all arrival dates and channel passages.

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Compete, always up-to-date overview of all cruise ships in the Kiel Fjord and the passages through the Kiel Canal.
  • Mobile availability of detailed information and pictures of cruise ships.

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In brief

Are you interested in cruise ships? Fans of cruise ships and hobby photographers can use our mobile application "Traumschiffe in Kiel" to see when different cruise ships will be traversing the Kiel Canal or entering the Kiel harbor.