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Security & Big Data

Discover the potential of your data and rely on our Big Data know-how!

Using Big Data technology, we can turn data into insight for your business!

Big Data technology combines and analyzes relevant data from large volumes of data of different formats and sources.
We can show you how practical different Big Data technology can be in your company for your own specific issues.
Data is becoming more and more important. Consumers talk about products and services on online forums or social networks. Sensors on production machines, vehicles, or scientific equipment record the state of hundreds of parameters. Business applications and infrastructure components produce masses of log data.

  • Big Data Analytics allows the intelligent evaluation of that data and can provide organizations with important information. For example, companies can gain insight into market trends and customer needs. Application cases from the area of Operational Intelligence concern the optimization of operational performance of processes or the identification of security problems.
    Consist supports you in all applications of Big Data analytics. Gain a competitive advantage by filtering business-relevant information out of huge volumes of data. Come with us down the road to the data-driven company: In a workshop, we will work out your requirements and find the right solution for you.
  • Big Data solutions with open source: By using open source systems like Hadoop, Spark, and R, we enhance your existing BI infrastructure with a central Big Data storage (Enterprise Data Lake) and a variety of options for data analysis. These range from real time analysis to the use of machine learning algorithms to carry out predictive analytics.

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  • Operational Intelligence: In the area of operational intelligence, we rely on the award-winning Big Data tool Splunk produced by our partner of the same name. Splunk includes a unified solution approach from data collection to analysis and visualization. Splunk named Consist "Regional Newcomer of the Year 2012". Splunk-certified specialists at Consist are available for your Big Data plans.
    With Splunk, we bring transparency to your IT systems, business processes, and data using targeted reports and meaningful dashboards – all in real time!

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  • Predictive Analytics: Learn from your data! See today what you need to do tomorrow! We can show you how quickly your existing data can be used to develop predictive models that help you right away. We turn data into information that supports you in making decisions. We estimate the potential of your data – whether "big" or "small" – and get the maximum benefit to you.

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Our services for you

  • Advising about the potential and application options for using Big Data technology.
  • Implementation and introduction support for Big Data technologies
  • Implementation of Big Data projects with Splunk or based on Hadoop open source components
  • Operation and maintenance of our Big Data solutions as part of our Managed Services

Typical application scenarios

  • Thorough end-to-end monitoring from the application case in the application to the server and IT infrastructure
  • Linking and analysis of data from different data sources (even external ones)
    • Machine data from your servers, network components, applications and databases
    • Analysis of application data – as a supplement to or alternative to a data warehouse
    • Collection of data for security, tracking of process flows, threat detection, or quick troubleshooting
    • Flexible analysis options for fast answers even to new questions

Big Data highlights

Big Data technology opens up new options:

  • No difficult loading procedures for data before analysis
  • Flexible evaluation of structured and unstructured data
  • Arbitrary scalability using parallel processing of data for evaluations and indexing
  • "Commodity Hardware“: No expensive special hardware or additional databases are required.
  • Fast reporting and even real time reporting (monitoring)
  • Evolutionary structure of Big Data is practical in the enterprise (needs-based)

Our attractive symbiosis of IT experience and Big Data technology

Consist offers you 30 years of experience in IT services in a variety of projects and industries, associated with extremely powerful Big Data technology.

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