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Predictive Analytics

Learn from your data! See today what you need to do tomorrow.

  • Do you want to gain new insight from your data?
  • Do you want clear action recommendations to plan processes optimally?
  • Would you like to use your business and IT data more efficiently in business processes and in corporate management?
  • Do you want to prevent business-critical errors with proactive action?
  • Do you want to join your data to new data sources to look for relationships?

Get the support of your own data! We can show you how quickly your existing data can be used to develop predictive models that help you right away.

Our services for you

We estimate the potential of your data – whether "big" or "small" – and get the maximum benefit to you. In detail, this means:

  • Advising about the potential and application options for predictive analytics
  • Proof of concept in which we show you, quickly and without great cost, how forecasting models based on your data can improve your business processes
  • Custom predictive analytics solutions that match your needs – our solutions fit your data infrastructure, not the other way around!

Typical application scenarios

  • Analysis of data from your data warehouse as well as relevant external data sources to obtain insight and construct predictive models
    • Product combinations: What types of customer should be offered which products?
      • Who do I contact, when, and with what recommendations?
    • Price differentiation: At what time of day do what prices maximize sales?
      • When do I have to adjust prices?
    • Personnel planning: On which days and for what weather should certain staffing levels be used?
      • How can I plan staffing for next week?
    • Success factor analysis: Under what conditions are high or low sales figures obtained?
      • Where do I have to intervene, and when?
    • Production downtime: What figures can warn of impending problems?
      • When do I have to take proactive action?

Predictive Analytics highlights

Predictive analytics offer helpful insight and turn it into clear recommendations:

  • Predictive analytics compress the entire complexity of your data into clear recommended action
  • No manual input of rules necessary: Forecasts are entirely automated
  • The machines also learn every day: The predictive algorithms check themselves automatically as soon as new data is available.
  • Arbitrary updates to forecasts: You receive new recommendations at the intervals you choose.
  • Flexible adaptation: New data sources can very easily be used to improve forecasts.

Our attractive symbiosis of IT experience and Big Data technology

Consist offers you 30 years of experience in IT services in a variety of projects and industries, associated with extremely powerful Big Data technology. The prize-winning Big Data tool Splunk from our partner of the same name includes a unified solution approach from data collection to analysis and visualization. Splunk awarded Consist "Partner of the Year 2013" for the D-A-CH region, and "Regional Newcomer of the Year 2012". Splunk-certified specialists at Consist are available for your Big Data plans. 

What you get – advantages you can rely on

Competitive advantage

  • You take full advantage of the potential of your data and get important recommendations for action.
  • Every action of your employees contributes to the machine learning process – machines and people support one another to optimize business processes.
  • Every new data source can be immediately examined for relevance to a given question.

Fast startup

  • With Consist, after just a few days you can get your first results, and convert them into forecast models that help you immediately.

Clear success criteria

  • You experience directly whether the forecasts produced by predictive analytics can improve your business processes.

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