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Simple solutions for integrating complex system landscapes

  • Do you want to integrate both your internal IT systems as well as the IT systems of your external partners quickly, effectively, and flexibly?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your existing integration solution for IT systems?
  • Do you want to phase out your legacy IT system step by step and need data synchronization between the old and new systems?

Then take advantage of our integration know-how at Consist from a wide variety of projects.

Our services for you

  • Evaluation workshop to determine potential benefits for a customer
    • 2-day workshop
      • Overview/analysis of interface landscape
      • Technology
      • Organizational embedding
    • Find approaches for optimization and advantage
  • Implementation of interface/integration scenarios
    • Specifications
    • Implementation
    • Commissioning
    • Service & maintenance (e. g. through our Managed Services)

Typical application scenarios

  • Data exchange/reconciliation between IT systems
  • Master data reconciliation/distribution
  • Replication of data
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
  • Data import and export into a Big Data infrastructure
  • Modernization of legacy systems (step by step replacement of legacy systems using data synchronization between the old and new systems)
  • Business-to-business (B2B) communication using standard protocols (e.g. UN/EDIFACT)
  • Multichannel sales
  • Machine data acquisition and processing

What makes our integration concept different from those of other providers?

  • More than 30 years of experience as an IT service provider in a variety of projects in all sorts of industries
  • Comprehensive IT know-how – from legacy systems the latest technologies
  • Flexible, lightweight microservice architecture – from the tiny to the huge
  • Sweet spot using open source components with optional enterprise support

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Cost savings
    • Reduction in costs of development and maintenance by using prefabricated, tested components (Enterprise Application Integration Patterns)
    • Reduction in maintenance costs with central technical monitoring
  • Maintenance optimization
    • Simplification of maintenance and reduction in maintenance costs using a uniform, standardized technology for all integration tasks
  • Flexibility
    • Simple, rapid expandability and adaptability by replacing individual components
  • Scalability
    • Very good scalability and expandability using microservice architecture

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