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System management and operation

Put your confidence in us – management of demanding system environments

  • Is your system environment, like most operational topics, subject to severe fluctuations in maintenance volume, therefore requiring highly scalable staffing planning?
  • Does your system team lack the manpower for economical 24x7 on-call readiness with back-up in case of vacation or illness?
  • Do you need your own staff for intensive matters that lie outside routine work?
  • Do you need temporary management of your systems, perhaps due to special stresses such as restructuring or a move?
  • Do you actually know what your system administrators are doing when everything is running?

We create the room you need by supervising demanding system environments based on a wide variety of technologies. Pragmatic, with custom scalability, and transparent at any time! Our years of experience ensure your security.

Our services for you

Our system management services are primarily characterized by their individual and flexible on-call capabilities. Consist staff generally works remotely from Kiel, Germany, often at special times – nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • System administration in all current environments
  • Database administration for all current technologies
  • Application Management Services, operation of application farms
  • File transfer
  • Work preparation
  • Process monitoring and supervision
  • Release management, optimization, tuning
  • Strategic consulting as needed

Personal engagement as USP

For many years, Consist has offered its Managed Services – which include much more than the usual IT services - for a broad variety of customers. We take "Managed" to mean authentic provider involvement: Anything a customer places in the hands of our staff becomes their own task and engagement. So Managed Services doesn't employ temporary workers, but rather professional, engaged partners that care about the customer's needs as though they were their own – and who are personally engaged in ensuring success. That gives our customers trust in a working relationship that may span many years.

Prepaid Service, our contingent system

Every service target is based on a certain initial contingent of person-hours per month. This is the basis for a fixed, "prepaid" monthly payment that gives you budgeting reliability. But flexible usage is independent of that contingent. This allows an IT manager to react flexibly to the various demands of his department. You can read more about it here.

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Trusting cooperation: Outsourcing – whether maintenance of applications or system environments – can only work reliably and cost-effectively within the framework of a partnership of trust. Our Managed Service concept is based on this insight.
  • Transparency and effectiveness: Our monthly review of individually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensures the transparency you need.
  • Cost reduction: In contrast to the earlier "always-on" costs, with us you only pay for what you really use.
  • Concentration on core competence: With our Managed Services, you can concentrate on your core competences and the development of business processes while handing off responsibility for the maintenance of your legacy systems.
  • Protection of investment: Make the know-how in your application available – with documentation and any modernization required.

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