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We turn legacy into future-ready

  • Are the technologies used in your applications no longer maintainable?
  • Would you like to consolidate your technology landscape to save licensing, maintenance, or hardware costs?
  • Are the software systems you use no longer strategic for you in the medium term?
  • Do you want to use your proven legacy application parts as services in the future?
  • Do you want to become independent of user interface technology?
  • Are you planning to introduce standard software, like SAP?

We can offer you a systematic, evolutionary path to the modernization of custom software. Together with you, we develop individual strategies to make your legacy corporate applications future-ready: cost-effective, flexible, attractive, and high-performance.

Our services for you

  • Concept preparation, including analysis of your existing IT landscape
  • Implementation in the project for different kinds of modernization, appropriate to your individual objectives, for example:
    • Introduction of a modern architecture (SOA/ESA),
    • Migrations
      • System platform, e.g. from the mainframe to Unix systems, including job control
      • Languages, such as Natural, Cobol, or PL1 to Java
      • Databases, such as Adabas data structures to relational databases (including Oracle, MS SQL Server)
      • Development environments, such as mainframe/Unix to Eclipse
    • Redesign of user interfaces in a Web-based interface
    • Model-based, automated generation of user interfaces into a current Web technology
  • Implementation of the development environment based on Eclipse, for example for Natural and Cobol
  • Distribution of all objects in a request into different target environments
  • Connection between systems on different platforms and technologies
  • Integration of established, perhaps non-relational data sources into your applications
  • Managed Services for more freedom for your staff and for the long-term assured management of your trusted legacy systems

Comprehensive experience and customer-specific strategy ensure your modernization success

As a specialist in proven custom applications, we know and have thoroughly mastered the challenges associated with modernization.

Our experienced colleagues work with you to develop the IT modernization strategy that's right for your company, and to implement it. We support you with our field-tested modernization tools, including innoWake mee and Attunity Integration Suite, which ensure an evolutionary, low-risk, cost-effective approach.

What you get – advantages you can rely on

  • Future-oriented technology
  • Greater flexibility in your business processes
  • Lower licensing and maintenance costs
  • Security for your investments in systems and know-how
  • Significant extension of the life cycle of trusted legacy applications
  • Significant improvement in maintainability

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