Cyber security expertise in companies

Kaspersky has the broadest expertise in the field of automated training concepts for security awareness among staff. This perfectly complements technical security measures to secure their long-term success within the company's soft skills.

With Kaspersky, companies can fall back on a unique data pool of globally active experts and thus on the latest threat intelligence from around the world to protect against cyber attacks, even ones that we are not yet aware of.

Security awareness for staff

Over 80% of all cyber security incidents occur as a result of human error. Companies sustain considerable damage to their image and financial situation as a result. Conventional training programs are usually not efficient enough to combat this.

The Kaspersky Lab has developed a range of computer-based training products which are founded on the latest learning techniques and meet the requirements at all company levels. This is the only way to permanently achieve the necessary behavioral changes and the required motivation among staff.

Security for all business areas

Security-Awareness-Training für alle Unternehmensbereiche mit Kaspersky

Awareness training that works

  • Automated training management: a comprehensive offer of courses on cyber security topics in a range of formats.
  • Plan simulations based on relevant everyday participant experience, which are competitive and challenging, but simultaneously prevent excessive stress.
  • Retrieving data, trends and prognoses in real time, if necessary with immediate analysis of any potential for improvement.
  • Flexibly integrable: for example, when the member of staff has the time or starts a new job in the company. Not bound to just one date per year.
  • Fulfill your duty to train staff in the areas of ISO 27001:2013 (A.7.2.2) and GDPR (Article 39).

Threat intelligence

It is not just globally active companies that are more and more affected by national and international attacks. Hacker attacks change every day and are increasingly pursuing sector-specific approaches. Accordingly, the number and variety of criminal attack points are also rising. This makes it even more important to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to prevent crippling corporate IT departments with irrelevant alarms and give them the opportunity to combat real threats proactively.

Based on its worldwide leading cyber threat research, Kaspersky has therefore developed Threat Intelligence Services, which give security teams more decision-making reliability when dealing with increasingly complex threat scenarios.

Consist integrates these specifically into your corporate structures and assists you, if you choose, in its managed services.

mit Kaspersky echte Bedrohungen unterscheiden durch automatisierte Data Feeds
Distinguishing between real threats and irrelevant ones:

Automated data feeds make life easier for analysts

The Kaspersky platform’s check service

Into which information on more than 350,000 security incidents flows every day

Kaspersky_Grafik Sicherheitsvorfälle weltweit
Widest reaching incidents globally based on malcodes

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