Standard software tools

Time for a new look at your business. Consist currently offers additional software products in three application areas.

In all these, we rely on both mature solutions from partners and on in-house development from our software production environment.

Development tools

  • Attunity integration
  • Modernization with innoWake
  • Modernization with ConsistADS
  • Output management with PrintBOS
  • IT services management with SysAid

Attunity – data integration and Big Data management

Integrate and transfer your data wherever you want

Attunity gives you standardized, central access to the information you need in real time, making it possible for you to combine this information in a targeted manner. Attunity simplifies access to and integration of data sources and legacy applications enormously on platforms from Windows to the mainframe.

Make use of all the corporate data you have, regardless of where it is stored and how it is structured. Attunity supports an outstanding variety of platforms, operating systems, protocols, applications, and data sources. > Link to the manufacturer website

Modernization with ConsistADS

New perspectives – greater freedom – lower costs

Countless core applications at large companies are written in Natural, and they've been in use for decades. Until now, Natural applications could only be executed with a single, special runtime environment.

ConsistADS is an attractive development and runtime environment (IDE) that can be used to develop and execute Natural programs. ConsistADS is a complete development suite that includes a compiler, runtime system, broker, and migration toolset. Natural/Adabas-based application systems can be completely migrated and modernized. ConsistADS is available both on the mainframe (z/OS, z/Linux) and on the major open source systems platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows). That ensures the portability and scalability of your applications.

ConsistADS is a product that was developed in-house by Consist. If you find it interesting, feel free to get in touch.

IT service management with SysAid

Everything – easily!

SysAid is a central IT service management solution. The Free Edition is suitable for small organizations, while for medium-sized and large enterprises there are the Pro Edition and Enterprise Edition.

SysAid coordinates internal IT service and its management, network operations, process analysis, and the use of IT staff, all in one comprehensible solution, scoring additional points with its absolute ease of operation. SysAid is very easy to install and configure in just minutes, and can be integrated flexibly into your company's IT environment. With SysAid, you get the "all-inclusive package": All system components are delivered in a single installation file and can be enabled quickly as needed using license keys.  > Link to the manufacturer website

Modernization with innoWake

Let's go: evolutionary in innovation – let your modernization dream come true

For modernization and development projects, we use established software solutions based on maxenso products (maximum enterprise solutions). maxenso offers a comprehensive product suite for the modernization and migration of applications as well as for the modernization of software development and new development.

The solution includes a converter that maps Natural, Cobol, or PL/1 code 1-to-1 to Java code on a fully automated basis. A feature that sets it apart from other solutions available on the market is that the resulting code is still maintainable by developers!   > Link to the manufacturer website

Output management solution – PB Digital

Far more than just printing: customizing, distributing, designing output

PrintBOS is an attractive, process-oriented, established output management solution that offers significant potential for cost reduction.

PrintBOS is a modular, powerful, end-to-end customer communications management (CCM) solution designed specifically for medium-sized to large enterprises. PrintBOS manages and delivers cost-effective, interactive, on-demand or structured multilingual, high-volume business print materials without the need for additional IT resources. PrintBOS's data-driven architecture closely combines form design and creation with business rules and distribution channels. This lets users create, format, and deliver compelling, personalized, customer-centric materials that can be printed electronically or across multiple delivery channels. > Link to the manufacturer website

Business solutions

  • Modawi eANV solution
  • SIS ship information system

eANV solution Modawi

> Modawi: more than just the electronic documentation procedure

Since April 1, 2010, electrical documentation of the disposal of hazardous waste is legally mandatory. Millions of XML documents with qualified signatures have been exchanged every year since that date using a virtual post office (ZKS-Abfall) between many thousands of companies and the responsible government agencies. Modawi is the leading middleware for the electronic documentation procedure.

Consist ITU Environmental Software, a fully owned subsidiary of Consist, developed this solution and would be happy to advise you in its fields of application.


SIS ship information system

> Know what's happening on the Fjord

  • Ship radar for the Kiel Fjord
    • Which ships are currently on the move in the Kiel Fjord?
    • Are you looking for the exact position of a cruise ship?
    • Which ship is currently near you?

The ship information system, SIS, provides current data on ships within the Kiel Fjord, including name, location, size, and voyage data. The ships are represented as small circles with integrated arrows showing the ship's heading.