Aug 7, 2019 - Company announcement

Real-time tracking of petabytes

Big Data Hackathon with Splunk

Frankfurt - Splunk - the Google for Machine Data: Every company constantly generates data from a variety of sources. In order to be able to draw conclusions from these, you must first be able to collect them. Not quite easy with orders of magnitude that are now close to petabytes. The data platform Splunk makes it possible: across all systems, all data can be collected and analyzed at a central location both in real time and in the past. One can find out how in trying out the exciting use cases at the Big Data Hackathon

on 15.8.2019
in the New Mensa Conference Room III (NM 101)
- Goethe University, Frankfurt Bockenheim -
from 14.00 - 22.00 clock

Ex-students of the Frankfurt University, who now work for Consist Software Solutions GmbH in Frankfurt, show how Splunk can analyze large amounts of data and gain insights from them. For example, the question can be answered as to whether it would be better to take a taxi in a big city or to use more modern means of transportation.



Big Data Hackathon bei Consist
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Big Data Hackathon at Consist

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