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Here you will find an overview of events organized by Consist or visiting the company with a booth, lecture or workshop.

Press releases form another focus and are supplemented by articles on current IT topics.

A selection of our flyers and brochures as well as pictures of the company are available for download. Interesting insights are provided by our Youtube Channel, where Consist introduces himself and his topics.


No events are currently scheduled.

Your contact for press inquiries

Isabel Braun

Isabel Braun

Corporate Communications

phone: +49 431 3993-629

e-mail: isabel.braun@consist.de

Petra Sauer-Wolfgramm

Petra Sauer-Wolfgramm

Corporate Communications

phone: +49 431 3993-525

e-mail: sauer-wolfgramm@consist.de


Consist Channel on > YouTube

Youtube Unternehmenschannel

Pictures of the company

Geschäftsführer Jörg Hansen, Consist
Consist managing director Jörg Hansen
Firmengebäude Christianspries 4
company building Christianspries 4
Firmengebäude Christianspries 4, Rückseite
company building Christianspries 4, from the fjord shore
Logo Consist Druckqualität
Consist Logo in print quality
Logo Consist
Consist Logo in web quality

Note on the use of the pictures:
You can publish these pictures free of charge, as long as you specify Consist as the source and send us a voucher copy.


More information?

Then take a look at our reference reports.
They give a good overview of our diverse IT projects.

These are sorted by industry and z. T. prepared as a multi-page article or as a short report.