Cloud client projects

We escort companies on their way into the cloud and provide support with merging all their IT systems into one overall system. Take full advantage of our years of experience with cloud projects:

Cloud architecture and orchestration

Individual Software as a Service (SaaS)

Individual Software as Service

Using individual software as a service


  • Selecting a suitable cloud platform
  • Developing or taking over the software
    • Adapting the architecture
    • Optimization
  • Full-service operations and maintenance in the cloud


  • Using individual software and other SaaS products
    • Not bound to any capacities
    • Transparent and plannable costs
  • In addition to functionality, Consist also guarantees non-functional requirements (such as scalability, performance, availability).


End to End Business-Monitoring (E2E)


Central monitoring of business processes in distributed systems


  • Defining the KPIs for (critical) business processes
  • Identifying the measuring points
  • Setting up and connecting the monitoring solution > Splunk
  • Linking the measuring points to a business process and visualizing it in Splunk
  • Setting up error alerts in the processing chain


  • Integrated end-to-end approach
  • Reducing the Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) by 50%
  • Reducing the Mean Time To Identify (MTTI) by 76%
Business Monitoring

Automatic deployment - Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Cloud Infrastructur as code

Automatic deployment of a complex distributed application


  • Analysis and transfer to IaC
  • Describing the components and dependencies in code
  • Introducing multi-stage and multi-user deployments
  • Fully-automated deployment including infrastructure
  • One-click automation of Deploy, Update and Destroy


  • 100% documented and versioned infrastructure and application components
  • 80% less time required for deployment
  • 90% elimination of human errors in deployment

Technical monitoring (observability)


Performance monitoring and stability in distributed systems


  • Consultation on selecting a suitable tracing solution: OpenTelemetry with AWS X-Ray visualization
  • Instrumentalization of the application with OpenTelemetry: interdependency analysis
  • Connection to AWS X-Ray visualization
  • Evaluation and implementation of measures


  • 99% end-to-end tracing of all requests to the system
  • Performance of components is 100% traceable and visualized
  • Performance bottlenecks and oversized resources are identified and eliminated
Technisches Monitoring Cloud

Modernizing business applications

Re-engineering a monolithic IT application


Re-implementation/optimization of a business-critical business application for the cloud: it needs to continue to withstand years of corporate growth in terms of performance and scalability.

  • Realization as a dynamic, scalable micro-service architecture
  • Cloud-native implementation in the AWS cloud
  • On-the-fly realization
  • Scalability of the application to planned corporate growth
  • Automatic adaptation to changing loads
  • Dynamic adaptation of operating costs when loads change
  • 20% more efficient Capex/Opex structure
  • Significantly more secure against downtimes
  • IT as an enabler for the business
Modernisierung monolithischer Systeme mit Microservices

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