Splunk – the data platform

Splunk is a platform for central log management, monitoring, and reporting, and is based on Big Data technology.

Data from business processes or the IT infrastructure can be captured physically, virtually, or in the Cloud.

Splunk enables the cross-system search of all real-time and historical data from a central location.

Consist - greatest Splunk expertise in the DACH region

> Partner for Big Data for more than 10 years

The technology partnership between Consist and Splunk began in 2012 - milestones and quotes from our >anniversary brochure show why it has been so successful.

Empfohlener Splunk-Partner für die Entwicklung und kundenspezifische Integration neuer Technologien auf Basis von Splunk.

Recommended Splunk partner with proven expertise in developing new technologies based on Splunk or integrating Splunk into customised solutions.

Splunk-Management und -Services für Kunden in der Cloud oder bei der Integration von Splunk-Angeboten in eigene Full-Service-Lösungen.

Recommended Splunk partner for Solutions as-a-Service (SAAS) via a recurring and flexible consumption model with proven expertise in their development, deployment and management.

Das Splunk Security Solutions Badge bestätigt die Cybersecurity-Expertise eines Partners beim Schutz komplexer IT-Systeme.

Confirmed cybersecurity expertise of a Splunk partner for the protection of complex IT systems. Real-time threat detection, investigation and mitigation are critical to the security needs of organisations in this context.

Consulting service that also assumes project responsibility

Licenses - Professional Services - Managed Services

Consist is proud to not only have the most certified consultants in the DACH region, but also the best team of consultants in the DACH region, as evidenced not least by winning the Boss of the SOC (BOTS) in 2017, 2023 and >2024. In addition to a second-place finish in 2018, 2020 and 2021, winning the Boss of the Noc (BOTN) in 2020 is also part of this extraordinary run of success.

Many firefighting projects have led to a basis of trust on the customer side, with the result that Consist is regarded as a trusted advisor and the customer is prepared to take further steps with Consist towards ITSI (IT service intelligence/process optimization in the context of digitalization) or IoT in the industrial and manufacturing sector thanks to our excellent core Splunk knowledge.

Due to additional internal training courses within Consist, our consultants are more familiar with the depths of the Splunk product and can thus advise companies even more efficiently. This is confirmed by the fact that Consist is a leader in the Splunk community and also in the number of "SplunkTrust" members.

As one of Splunk's few partners, Consist is in a position to provide integrated support for the customer's Splunk environment after the project, opening up further perspectives for your company. Our repertoire includes the design of scalable platform architectures as well as the integration of legacy systems. From license sales to structurally optimized large-scale projects, Consist always places particular importance on a trusting and open cooperation.

Die herausragende globale Splunk-Expertise von Consist spiegelt sich auch in den Auszeichnungen des Teams wider.

SplunkTrust Membership

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The Splunk Trust includes selected members who advance the community through their special knowledge and thus the Splunk technology. There are 66 trust members worldwide - two of them at Consist. Martin Müller, Splunk Consultant at Consist, is one of the longest-standing trustees. He gave the lecture shown in the video at .conf19 in Las Vegas, the largest professional conference for Splunk, which was attended by more than 11,000 people.2019-splunk-conf19-trust-pin-101-288x288-trust

PreSales Koordinator Swer Rieger

Why Splunk?

Use Splunk to solve application problems and examine security incidents within minutes instead of within days or even months, to monitor your IT infrastructure, to prevent slowing or downtime in services, and to achieve compliance at a lower cost.

Expert voice

"Splunk significantly increases the efficiency of organizations – with considerably higher productivity, lower costs, and new insights that leave the competition in the dust."

Swer Rieger

Senior Consultant Products, Consist

Splunk security portfolio for every aspect of your security processes

  • Security requirements

    Depending on company requirements, Splunk offers suitable security solutions that range from standard monitoring to the > leading SIEM system on the market.

    Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security are tools that we successfully use with our customers in combination with consulting services.

  • Compliance documentation

    Splunk uses existing machine data for the documentation (GDPR, German IT Security Act, ISO, KRITIS, German Supervisory Requirements for IT in Financial Institutions (Bankaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT, BAIT), the German Supervisory Requirements for IT in Insurance Undertakings (Versicherungsaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT, VAIT), PCI DSS) of specified technical and organizational procedures.

    We advise you on how to define suitable controls and monitor them.

  • Automated processes

    With Phantom, Splunk offers further automation and thus cost optimization. This SOAR can also be used to automate the processing of security incidents.

    Playbooks predefined by our consultants streamline processing.

Splunk gewinnt Gold in der Kategorie Observability bei den Dev-Insider Readers' Choice Awards 2023.

Splunk receives the Gold award in the "Observability" category at the Dev-Insider Readers' Choice Awards 2023.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response mit Splunk hilft dabei Security Workflows zu orchestrieren und noch schnellere Automatisierungen zu ermöglichen.

Complex, distributed systems in particular benefit from transparency through observability and automation through SOAR in the context of IT security.

Machine learning and predictive analytics functions open up new possibilities

  • Don't allow critical security scenarios to develop in the first place

    Detect anomalies early or even in advance and avoid costly outages of your IT and business processes.

  • Improve asset management with proactive maintenance

    We will show you how you can use Splunk to identify trends and specific patterns and automatically adjust threshold values using self-learning models.

  • Optimize business processes by learning from changed market conditions

    Improve your user and customer experience and get the help of Splunk certified Consist consultants to model your own algorithms that meet your SLA requirements.

Managing and analyzing large amounts of data – the basis for the future

Use all the data – operational intelligence next level

The majority of companies operate with 20% of the data available to them. Discover what it means to tap the potential of the remaining 80% and reach a new level of operational intelligence. With real-time business insights it is always possible to be one step ahead of the competition and attackers.

Speed up response many times over

Give your departments a comprehensive view of all processes and IT incidents, break open silos, and reduce your mean time to resolution many times over. All data can be correlated, enriched, and visualized using graphics (dashboards) and reports.


Splunk Cloud Services

Use machine data even better without burdening your own resources

Cloud requirements

Both reliability and the ability to react promptly: Working in and with the cloud has various advantages. In order to be able to exploit these, a cloud environment should meet the following requirements:

Transparency and Control

With Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, companies receive an effective framework for monitoring modern infrastructures and services in AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure environments.

> E-Book "Real-time visibility and monitoring in cloud environments"

Sicheres Arbeiten an allen Cloud Endpoints

Privacy and Compliance

Splunk has > SOC2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications that ensure dedicated data security in Splunk Cloud customer environments.

Flexibility and Scalability

With the possibility of hybrid support, a central view of multi-cloud-based and on-premises environments is created. Prebuilt apps with dashboards, reports, and analytics make it easy to get started. With Splunk>Observability, the monitoring capabilities for very dynamic container and cloud environments are also available on a streaming basis.

Consist migrates existing Splunk environments to the cloud. Our cloud consulting advises, supports and supervises the implementation of new Splunk solutions. In any case, our customers also benefit from the many years of expertise of our excellent Splunk specialists.


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With the right deployment model, a wide variety of workloads can be efficiently transferred to the cloud.

Correlate, analyze, identify data - with the help of the Splunk cloud dashboards this is made much easier, and this is based on a 100% uptime SLA.



Meeting sustainability requirements in IT

The Sustainbility Toolkit helps achieve energy and CO2 savings in your IT infrastructure

EU Taxonomy and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD): Splunk's Sustainability Toolkit not only provides the required evidence, but also real-time, informed decision-making on where and when activities should be undertaken to minimize electricity costs and associated CO2 emissions.

Read more in our > Sustainability Services - Green Data.

Unternehmen müssen nachhaltiges Wirtschaften nachweisen.

Get to know Splunk!

We offer you the following options for testing:

  • Product presentation
  • Workshop
  • Proof of Concept

Or just start with our end-to-end services:

Consist provides you with all the services you need to use Splunk from a single source, from initial consulting to implementation to management and further development.

Our custom-tailored > Managed Services for Splunk can include, for example, extension to new application scenarios, the development of new or upgrade of existing search queries (dashboards), release management, configuration or reconfiguration, optimization and addition of Splunk components, and user and administrator training.


Test versions free of charge

The download includes all the functionality of the enterprise license for the latest version of Splunk, which will be available for 60 days. You can index up to 500 MB of data per day. After 60 days (or at any time before then), you can convert your version to a time-unlimited free license or purchase an enterprise license to continue using the extended functions for enterprise multi-user environments.

> Download the test version

If you've already installed Splunk and want to know how you can convert your enterprise test version into a free license, feel free to contact us or read more about it here:

> More About Splunk Free

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