Managed Services as a strategic solution

Consist Managed Services – a service that goes far beyond mere outsourcing.

We give you the freedom you need using responsible application and system management across all technologies.

Pragmatic, with custom scalability, and always transparent!

You can rely on our many years of experience.

Holistic approach

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We offer you comprehensive support adapted to your needs: from analysis to development, to support of your applications and systems as part of our Managed Services.

That leaves you breathing space to implement corporate strategies despite the current shortage of technology experts.

Our consultants can support you in questions of strategy, as well, if you like.

Overview of services

  • Application support

    Support and further development of custom software

  • Out-tasking

    Handling of individual customer processes and systems

  • Database administration

    DBA services for a variety of platforms and databases

  • Application operation

    Operation of your custom systems and standard software (such as SAP)

  • Work preparation / scheduling

    Production control for all current platforms (including legacy systems)

  • Legacy support

    Long-term support of classical technologies like COBOL, Natural, assembler, PL/1

Reasons for IT outsourcing

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Our concept

Consist Managed Services – a service model for demanding IT challenges that uses a transfer of responsibility to be not only reliable and efficient, but also transparent and controllable. Take advantage of our years of experience in a long-term collaboration based on trust.

Managed Services are process-oriented: Coordinated standard processes and best practices are documented and continually updated. Your custom processes are seamlessly integrated.

Hand the responsibility to us

  • For all services provided relevant to a given service subject
    (such as complete or selective outsourcing of application management or development) or
  • For selected subject-agnostic cross-sectional tasks
    (such as in system operations, integration tests, or coordination of errors.
Sales Manager Managed Services Matthias Nachbar

You need:

  • A high and constant level of quality
  • Budgeting reliability and transparency
  • Flexibility for changing requirements

for your enterprise-critical applications and systems.

Managed Services – our answer to your tasks in times of shortage of specialists, digitization projects, and a rising efficiency pressure.

Matthias Nachbar

Sales Manager Managed Services, Consist

Personal commitment

Consist has offered its Managed Services for many years and a variety of clients, going far beyond the usual IT services. Anything a customer leaves in the hands of our capable staff becomes our own focus.

The Managed Services team consists of professional, committed partners that care about the customer's needs as though they were their own – and who feel personal responsibility for the success of their project. That gives our customers trust in the working relationship – a relationship that very frequently lasts many years.

Your contact

Michael Meisner

Michael Meisner

Portfolio Manager Managed Services

phone: +49 431 3993-671

mobile: +49 152 08943526


FAQs about our Managed Services

Can Managed Services save me money?

Yes, they can! By outsourcing service tasks, you can reduce costs.

You keep full budgeting reliability and cost control. Take advantage of
– High transparency with monthly SLA reviews;
– High flexibility with a configurable service volume.

Will my business-critical applications/systems really continue running smoothly?

Absolutely. We ensure high service availability and high quality by means of
– Our established processes in takeover and operation;
– Our highly qualified and motivated employees.

Do I have to change the tried and tested processes I have built up over years?

No! We support you however is best for you. Ideal support is based on your business processes.

What do I gain by using Managed Services?

I can concentrate on my core competencies, reduce costs, and avoid personnel bottlenecks.

Digital Transformation

Future-ready enterprise processes

IT Security

Security for your data

Managed Services

Software and systems in the best of hands