Consist’s cloud services – speed up your digitalization

The advancing digital transformation is currently triggering a wave of IT modernization. Companies want to simplify and accelerate their processes by means of digitalization.

One main focus in this respect is renewing legacy applications, as well as digitalizing company interfaces and the business model. Using a cloud infrastructure constitutes a key instrument in this context, in order to make this modernization process quick and future-oriented.

Would you like to modernize your IT and transform it to the cloud, or implement new digital business ideas? You can benefit from our years of experience in developing, modernizing and operating enterprise-critical applications in combination with our cloud expertise – tailored to suit your company.

Simplify your business – quickly and reliably in the cloud!

If you would like to quickly develop and reliably operate software that matches your requirements, then why not benefit from our years of experience in developing and operating software, combined with our AWS expertise?

Read our reference report about it  where you can find practical insights into our procedure.

Cloud infrastructures – the basis for digital products

You would like to make the most of the cloud’s potential for your company? We work out solutions together with you which exploit the advantages the cloud offers, precisely for you:

  • Quick and quality-assured modernization of your existing applications
  • Improved availability and scalability of your systems
  • Reduction in your costs through the effective use of cloud services and appropriate integration technologies
  • Improved sustainability of your company as a result of the adapted and shared use of IT resources

Cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud – we integrate your IT landscape

Many companies select hybrid cloud environments when switching to a modern infrastructure. This enables them to continue using systems which should remain in place. The reasons for this may be economical or technical.
In any case, by choosing Consist you are relying on a partner who will be by your side for the following tasks:

  •  Developing a phased plan to transform your applications into the cloud
  • Realizing a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure with the integration of your applications
  • Our Managed Services team supports you during the implementation process or also during the actual operation

An overview of the cloud services

  • Cloud architecture and orchestration

    Operation of IT systems in hybrid or multi-cloud, automation of processes

  • Modernizing business applications

    Migration, re-engineering, individual extensions, automation of specialist processes

  • IT and data security in the cloud

    Reliable and compliant

  • Corporate data in the cloud

    Uniform database for comprehensive analyses


DevOps – we get your software up and running quickly and securely

Automated DevOps processes which enable new software versions to be set up quickly and in a quality-assured manner are the basic prerequisite for using the main advantages of the cloud, also in practice.

We will help you to implement an automated DevOps pipeline, where we will incorporate our years of expertise in continuous integration and continuous deployment. We use Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools to achieve simple and efficient use of cloud resources.

Find out more about this topic and the application of the IaC tool Terraform in the > article (in German) "DevOps in der Praxis - Microservices verteilen mit Terraform", which appeared in JavaSPEKTRUM (6/2020 issue).

Are you interested in optimizing your DevOps processes?
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