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Consist's technology partnerships are characterized by a continuous transfer of know-how and many successful security projects at a high international level. Our partners are among the leading providers worldwide.

Consist IT Security

Within our security portfolio, we incorporate the market-leading security expertise of partner products in some areas.

IT Security with Consist and its partners

Security Information and Event Management - SIEM

> Splunk: data miracle and security engine in one


Endpoint management platform

Tanium – policy-based endpoint security, which puts an end to the lack of transparency and security flaws associated with having lots of individual solutions

Compliance and vulnerability management for IT infrastructures is often operated with several platform-dependent individual solutions. This creates security flaws and a lack of transparency, which is why Consist has expanded its security portfolio in this area to include Tanium, making policy-based endpoint security easy to implement. Instead of multiple individual solutions, your company receives a central platform which monitors and measures all the endpoints in the company and produces reports on security and production figures.

As a partner to Tanium, Consist can combine its services with Tanium's standardized endpoint management and security platform to help companies continually manage technology risks and to close any security-critical gaps in the visibility of endpoints. The desired security modules are integrated on a platform basis, instead of lots of individual solutions.

Consist is managed service provider in Germany for the Tanium platform

Once our security specialists have completed the implementation, Consist takes over the support as part of its managed services, if requested. This ensures constantly secure, policy-based management for as many end devices as needed – in real time.

The endpoint management and security platform is the perfect supplement to SIEM with Splunk. Not every module has to be activated, making Tanium adaptable to suit every company – from Windows security topics through to the client. All settings can be administrated easily and centrally.

Proofpoint - ObserveIT Insider Threat Management (ITM)

 >ObserveIT should be used in order to place special emphasis on user behavior monitoring within endpoint security.

ObserveIT can both detect and intervene. Narrowing the sessions to critical access cases also guarantees data loss prevention (DLP).

Password management

Mateso Password Safe

End-to-end encryption can enable the highest level of security for managing identities, passwords and documents. The encryption procedure takes place exclusively and directly between the client and the server. This means that third parties have no chance of reading or manipulating encrypted data.

Password Safe keeps data safely within the company, even when the staff are working from home.

We integrate IT security made in Germany for you, in accordance with the compliance guidelines:

  • Individual password management solution for every employee from the admin (FullClient) via the key user (switch between Full and LightClient) to the end user (LightClient)
  • Company-wide protection of passwords and secrets by simple integration with role-based access control (additional feature RBAC)
  • Control remains with the user company: through E2EE encryption with over 100,000 iterations
  • AD connection and other interfaces for use for the existing identity management or as direct access and credential provider

Have a look at the >Fact Sheet for further technical information.


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