Deep learning prevents malware – and this is guaranteed

With more than 350,000 new malware variants discovered every day and ransomware attacks at an all-time high, there is a greater need than ever to anticipate threat detection and response.

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is built on the world's first and only purpose-built deep learning cybersecurity framework.

Deep Instinct – faster than ransomware

Innovative automated deep learning approach saves resources and outperforms malware

Deep Instinct predicts and prevents known, unknown, and zero-day threats in under 20 milliseconds, 750x faster than the fastest ransomware can encrypt. Deep Instinct has a zero-day accuracy of more than 99% and promises a false positive rate of less than 0.1%.

Time, costs, IT specialists are the resources that are increasingly important in the race against cybercrime. Deep Instinct's automated static analysis is based on raw data and enables comprehensive protection without human intervention. Highly efficient automation through new technological approaches enables enormous relief for both security teams and company budgets.

Prevent malware – with a guarantee

Fileless malware infects systems without leaving a trace, making it difficult for detection and response tools to stop contamination before it spreads. Deep Instinct understands the DNA of fileless malware and prevents these elusive attacks, even as they evolve to avoid detection.

Deep Instinct is so confident in its approach that it backs its commitment to 100% stopping ransomware with an >industry-leading $3 million guarantee backed by Munich Re.

Die Grafik zeigt kurz und präzise die einzigartigen Vorteile von Deep Instinct auf.

Deep Instinct - how does it work?

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Too many false positives tie up unnecessary work time and reduce the motivation of security teams. The deep learning approach reduces these significantly compared to conventional EPP and EDR systems.

Anhand der Architektur-Skizze wird die Einbindung von Deep Instinct am Endpunkt dargestellt.



Endpoint Security

Preventing malicious files on the endpoint is critical to fighting the attacker's greatest advantage - time. Deep Instinct predicts and prevents zero-day attacks in less than 20ms - before the attack hits the endpoint. Detection and response tools don't kick in until a zero-day attack shows behavior consistent with an ongoing attack—too late to prevent the compromise. Deep Instinct uses the self-learning capabilities of deep learning to stop unknown attacks faster and with greater accuracy.

Deep Instinct prevents threats at the endpoint and extends prevention without requiring an agent to ensure file integrity of cloud storage and custom applications while protecting the network by eliminating threats at the web gateway.

> Deep Instinct Endpoint Security Datasheet



Protection beyond the endpoints

Deep Instinct preempts the attacker to keep malicious files off cloud storage, ensure custom application integrity, and stop malicious file downloads at the web gateway faster and more effectively.

> Deep Instinct Beyond the Endpoint Datasheet





Deep Instinct verhindert Bedrohungen am Endpunkt und erweitert die Prävention, ohne dass ein Agent erforderlich ist.



Die Deep Instinct Prevention Platform ergänzt bereits vorhandene Sicherheitstools und verbessert deren Effektivität.

Seamless integration

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform complements existing security tools like EDR and improves their effectiveness, reducing false positives and offloading SOC teams. With the integration of self-learning automated responses in SIEM, EDR, SOAR, companies not only gain free resources, but also significantly increase their lead over malware.

On request, Consist will take care of the connection and subsequent support in its > Managed Services.

> Deep Instinct Solution Brief

Deep Instinct in action

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Watch the video to see how Deep Instinct prevents a CryptBot attack.

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