Digital Transformation for a future-proof strategy

The digital transformation is a process of continual further development of the digital technologies that have a lasting impact on our economy and society. This development has multi-layered consequences for companies – it creates completely new digital business models and digital value chains. Companies have to react to this constant change with great flexibility and agility. Consist can support you on your path of digital transformation.

Holistic Approach

ganzheitlicher Ansatz

As part of our holistic approach, we are your ideal digital transformation partner.

Our support starts with the collection and evaluation of your data and moves from there to the development of new insights, the modernization of your existing applications, the development of new trend-setting applications with agile methods, and the implementation of your Cloud strategy.

Consist Digitale Transformation Portfolio

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Our services related to Digital Transformation

  • Data Science

    Use of scientific processes for data evaluation

  • AI and Machine Learning

    Used, for example, for the automation and improvement of processes

  • Big Data Platforms

    Consulting, design, construction, and operation

  • Software Engineering

    The development of custom software (preferably using agile methods), architecture consulting and implementation

  • Cloud Development

    The development of Cloud-optimized applications, analysis of existing applications for a smooth Cloud migration

Dr. Alexander Scherf

Enabling innovation

Digital transformation is vital for business. It is the lever enabling innovative new offerings and makes it possible to stay competitive in an increasingly rapidly changing market. The expectations of potential customers are also changing, so companies have to adapt their processes and replace them with more efficient, digital processes.

Expert voices

"Turning data into added value – we implement that objective for you whether it's in real time or as a forecast. Rely on our specialists and our experience."

Dr. Alexander Scherf

Data Science & Data Engineering Consultant, Consist

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Joscha Sternadel

Portfolio Manager

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FAQs on Digital Transformation

What are the drivers of digital transformation?

The key drivers are considered to be information technologies such as communication networks, high-performance computers and mobile devices, as well as software and applications.
Other drivers include, for example, ubiquitous sensors, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, and the collection, analysis, and storage of large amounts of data (Big Data technologies).

Which digital technologies are particularly important?

The basis for digital transformation are digital technologies. These include key technologies such as data analysis, software engineering, Cloud computing, Big Data, and IT security. Web applications play an important role, allowing digital applications to be distributed globally on the Internet.

What core competencies should companies have?

Data access and data analysis, Internet use, digital customer communication, and the coding of powerful, flexible applications are especially relevant.

Digital Transformation

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