Agile software development for your individual applications

We support you on your path to digital transformation with individual software engineering.
Agile methods make the process flexible, transparent, and customer-centric.

Digitalize your business processes, modernize your applications, head for the cloud! Whatever your current IT focus, we support you in implementing your requirements quickly, from the initial idea, through development, all the way through to operation of your software. Everything from a single source – great expertise in technologies and methodology – more than 35 years of experience.

Overview of our software engineering services

  • Fast digital testing of ideas

    2 weeks from idea to functioning product,  

  • Agile software development

    User-driven development with early validation,
    transparency and flexibility, 
    short development cycles, 
    rapid response to changes

  • Modernization

    Re-engineering of your business-critical legacy software
    Legacy to (native) cloud


We turn ideas into software

Agile software development is the productive and creative way to get high-quality software tailored to your ideas: we support you in implementing your ideas on the path to digital transformation with agile software development, focusing on the customer. Cross-functional engineering teams, expertise from numerous individual developments, and knowledge from various industries ensure that the application meets your actual needs and your investment in new software is a success. Our agile teams receive organizational support from > Scrum Certified Professional Scrum Mastern.Logo Scrum Certified Professional Scrum Master

Flexible requirements and project management

Depending on your requirements, we combine both classic and agile process models and project management methods like Scrum, Kanban, V-Modell XT, and IPMA. We support you in agile and classic requirements management with vision boards, story mapping, and stakeholder analyses.

As such, we offer you our services on the basis of different contract models:

  • as a cost-based service (suitable for agile processes)
  • as a contract-based service for a fixed price (for classic process models)
  • or for an agile fixed price.

With the agile fixed price, you benefit from the flexibility of customer-centric, agile software development combined with the budget security of a fixed-price project.

Experienced teams of developers

We use experienced teams of developers to transform your requirements into real software solutions based on current (> Java/.NET) or > classic technologies with professional competence, efficiency and effectiveness in close collaboration with you. More and more of our customers' software projects are taking sustainability criteria into account. These requirements are therefore already incorporated into the daily work routine of our experts. Plus, we offer you the smooth transition to maintenance and upkeep of your applications as part of our > Managed Services

Agile work with Scrum

Scrum is by far the most commonly-used agile process framework, and proves its worth every day in dealing with complex tasks.

In our 1-day Scrum Introductory Workshop, we present you the most important success factors and the benefits of Scrum.

We convey the underlying techniques using practical examples. The various roles in Scrum and their tasks are presented, and the meaning and purpose of agile work for planning and managing successful projects are explained. After the seminar you will be familiar with the basic principles and practices, and you will be able to harness the strengths of agile work with Scrum in your company.

Your contact for inquiries

From the idea to the first product

Our approach: Agile approach for quick results

Digitizing business processes or implementing new ideas digitally is of central importance for many companies.

Our agile approach offers you the opportunity to achieve results quickly with a low initial investment and to successfully develop the product iteratively through constant feedback.

Through the combination of many years of experience in methodology and technologist, we can convince and inspire.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Our offer: Develop your digital product with us.

In our initial workshop, we work with you to develop an initial product version based on the idea and the needs of your stakeholders. The core features for a first "minimally viable product" (MVP) are defined. This first version allows you to carry out an initial validation of your business idea with minimal costs.

Iterative further development offers you the opportunity to have us flexibly add new functions/goals in order to obtain prompt feedback, validate your product idea and thus successfully further develop it.

Our agile approach allows you to have full cost control with minimal financial risk and to successfully implement your digital business idea in a user-centered manner.

DevOps = Quality + Speed

Merging software development and operation has led to considerable improvements in quality over the past few years, as well as quickly moving new software features into production (time-to-market).

Within its cloud strategy, Consist has established the DevOps culture and the processes and tools associated with it in the company. You can benefit from this experience too.

In our one-day DevOps-Starter, we provide you with an overview of the most important aspects of successfully using DevOps. Based on this, we work out some initial approaches, together with you, for optimizing the DevOps processes in your company.

Your contact person for further information.

Modernization – we ready existing software for the future

For more than 35 years, we have been developing and modernizing software for customers from a huge array of industries. Use our teams’ experience and expertise in classic and innovative technologies to modernize your business-critical applications. We are equally at home with Cobol, Natural, and DB2 as we are with Microservices, Spring Boot/Cloud, and > Cloud Native Developement.

Optimize your business processes by modernizing your legacy applications. And improve maintenance capability with forward-looking technologies.

Regardless of whether you want to port your software to the latest web technology or add a module in the existing implementation – we assess your existing code and design and implement the most sensible solution with you.

Agility for quality

Katharina Bischoff

As your partner on the path to digital transformation with a comprehensive approach, we drive forward your visions and support you in realizing them. We see ourselves as a team with our customers, providing them with high-quality software, and fast, thanks to our agile approach.

Please feel free to read our project report on a complex price calculation system, developed in an agile way with Scrum.

With almost 40 years of experience and expertise, we provide you with competent support in the digital transformation. With our diverse, flexible and dedicated team, we further develop our clients' IT so that real opportunities can arise from the current challenges.

Katharina Bischoff

Portfolio Manager, Consist

Our team’s competence

Software engineering from Kiel

  • Individual software is our specialty – and has been for over 35 years
  • Cross-industry know-how
  • High degree of technological qualification
  • From classic to the most modern methodologies in software engineering


How we work

  • Customer-focused
  • Our IT specialists: dynamic, flexible, and fast
  • Even if necessary complete cross-functional teams for top product quality and high delivery speed

Your contact

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Katharina Bischoff

Portfolio Manager

phone: +49 431 3993-554

mobile: +49 172 7436238