Consist – your partner for modern and classic technologies

Consist offers sound know-how in state-of-the-art programming languages and technologies, supplemented by expert knowledge in the mainframe environment.

Today, individual applications with Java/.NET and mobile solutions are among our specialties. Consist has also been a mainframe specialist since the start of our business activities in 1983.

Technologies for software development


We have been developing complex enterprise applications in Java for many years. The development of enterprise applications in Java is inextricably associated with a corresponding enterprise framework, which simplifies the use of many software aspects from persistence to integration, significantly accelerating development. Our own focus is on the > Spring-Framework, which we have used with great success in numerous projects. This includes Spring Boot and Spring Integration as well as Spring Cloud to design applications for optimal use in the > Cloud . Spring Cloud offers the following features specifically optimized for use in the Cloud:

  • Distributed/versioned configuration
  • Service registration and discovery
  • Routing
  • Service-to-service calls
  • Load balancing
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Global locks
  • Leadership election und cluster state
  • Distributed messaging


The number of web frameworks is now almost unmanageable, and their lifespan is often very short. So when using a web framework, not only the functionality but also the extent to which it can ensure investment security and thus maintainability over many years is the decisive point in making decisions.

We focus on single page apps (SPA) with  > Angular in combination with the language Typescript. From our point of view, the Angular Framework leaves (almost) nothing to be desired in terms of development and performance, and it's one of the most mature web frameworks on the market.

We also rely on widget libraries such as > DevExtreme or > KendoUI. Both libraries offer a variety of ready-made widgets that allow us to quickly and efficiently design sophisticated user interfaces.


When developing Windows applications, we use the .NET development platform for both desktop and web and server applications. Supported by .NET Core and the associated platform independence, we see development with C# as the ideal solution for reusing business logic on almost all modern platforms.

In desktop development, we prefer to develop WPF applications. The use of well-established Windows Forms technology also remains a solid solution scenario.

In web development, we usually use REST-based HTTP APIs, which are used on the browser side by modern frameworks such as Angular. Our architectures are always "Azure ready" so that Cloud scenarios can be integrated early or migrated later. The Azure Stack offers on-site or hybrid solutions.

While MS SQL Server is our first choice for new development with relational databases, we also have broad experience in the integration of other relational database systems, such as Oracle or MySQL. We are also happy to support the migration of database systems to the persistence systems offered in Azure.

Proven, classical technologies

For decades, we've specialized in helping customers with Natural and Cobol applications, and we also have extensive know-how in new technology. Take advantage of our expertise in both worlds and also in complex system landscapes for your "IT classics".
We support you in the mainframe environment with a range of services tailored to your needs – from consulting and conception to development and > maintenance of your applications. These include services like:

  • Online and batch applications, including database connections
  • Re-engineering of legacy applications
  • UI development and modernization
  • > Modernization strategies and implementations
  • Modern software development methods for classical technologies

We counter the shortage in young IT talent with know-how in classical technologies by training young IT experts to become mainframe and client-server specialists. Our software development is mainly done using Eclipse-based development environments for Natural and Cobol.

All-round competence is our specialty

Consist is one of the few IT service providers who has mastered both classical and new technologies equally, and can therefore provide its customers with an entire package of consulting, development, and maintenance know-how from a single source. Take advantage of our over 35 years of experience!

The development of custom software is one of our core competencies. Whether you need independent consulting, a customized web application, or support in the modernization of your business-critical legacy application – we are the right partner for you.

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