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Based on the experience gathered from our client projects over the past years, the following factors have been revealed to be crucial to the success of cloud projects:

There needs to be comprehensive knowledge of the services of the cloud provider used and their working methods. The complete consideration of all IT systems and aspects involved in a cloud operating model is also of decisive importance. In addition, a high level of automation in recurring developmental and operational tasks (DevOps) is recommended.

Our range of cloud-related services is the result of this practical experience.

Cloud architecture and orchestration

One of the biggest challenges in the cloud age is networking and orchestrating the individual IT systems (cloud, on-premises) into one overall system. We assist you with solving the tasks ahead by providing consultation, conceptual designs and implementation:

  • Operation of your IT systems in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment
    • Network connectivity between the various cloud/data centers
      • Security, authentication, authorization
        • Standardized identity provider
        • Data encryption during storage or transport, including key administration
      • (Geo)redundancy of IT systems
      • Comprehensive (business) monitoring of all IT systems
  • Reduction of costs and development cycles through automation (DevOps)
    • Resource provisioning (on-premises, cloud via Infrastructure as Code)
    • Automated software provision
Orchestrierung in der Cloud

Modernizing business applications

The conversion to a cloud operating model often also includes modernizing existing business applications. Based on our experience, we escort you in the following steps:

  • Modernizing business applications with a focus on operating in the cloud:
    • Migrating on-premises applications into the cloud (lift-and-shift)
    • New development as a cloud-native application, in order to fully utilize the cloud’s advantages
  • Re-engineering of monolithic IT applications
    • Transfer into flexible micro-services with their own business APIs
  • System integration
    • Developing missing interfaces
  • Further automation of specialist processes
  • Changeover to Software as a Service (SaaS) – using cloud-based standard software (e.g. ERP)
    • Creation of individual extensions which supplement the functions that are missing in the standard software

Experience has shown us that agile software development methods are particularly advantageous for quick and targeted modernizing of IT systems. This is why we offer:

  • Modernization of IT systems using agile software development methods
    • Agile requirements management
    • Scrum as a process model for project management
    • The use of DevOps techniques
      • Time-to-market
        • Shortening the developmental and commissioning cycles
        • Automation of tasks
      • Improved quality
        • Automated regression tests

IT and data security in the cloud

The more that companies head in the direction of the cloud, the greater the requirements are for IT and data security. As part of our cloud orchestration service offer, we address the specific implementation of security concepts for operating in the cloud. Governance and compliance aspects should be taken into account in all phases of cloud integration.

Our Consist IT security package supplements these could-specific aspects with a comprehensive range of services on > IT Security.

Corporate data in the cloud

Corporate data is becoming ever more crucial to a company’s successful development. Cloud providers supply sophisticated infrastructures and tools to merge and analyze this data more quickly and comprehensively.

We assist you in the following steps:

  • Relocating databases into the cloud
    • Reducing licensing and operating costs
    • Highly available databases
    • Solutions for Big Data and Enterprise Data Lakes
  • Creating a uniform database
    • Merging data inventories
    • Realizing aggregated business analyses/reports
  • Using > Data Science to derive further business findings from the existing data (e.g. recognizing anomalies in processes)

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