Consist’s cloud services – speed up your digitalization

Over the past few years, the advancing digital transformation in companies has triggered a wave of IT modernization – from IT legacy systems to modern and cloud-based IT systems. The majority of companies in Germany consider use of the cloud to be a key part of fast digitalization in their business processes.

We fully support you with moving your business applications into the cloud and implementing new digital business ideas.

Cloud infrastructures – the basis for digital products

Complex and wide-ranging IT landscapes which impede simple data exchange between different systems are one thing standing in the way of digitalization. A solution for this is setting up a cloud infrastructure step by step. This then serves as the standardized basis for developing and operating digital products with open interfaces.

According to a survey by Bitkom Research, the majority of German companies regards use of the cloud as a considerable contribution towards faster digitalization – especially for the following cases of application:

  • Developing digital business models
  • Carrying out agile projects
  • Developing digital sales and services channels

One reason for this is the fact that the general advantages of using the cloud are of particularly high impact in these scenarios:

  • Improved availability and scalability of IT systems
  • Cost savings
  • Improved agility, flexibility and the ability to integrate IT processes
  • Simple use of resources (e.g. highly available databases, data analysis tools, SaaS offers), which are difficult and costly to provide on-premises  
  • Increased developer productivity (e.g. fast, temporary provision of test systems)

Merging to an overall system in the cloud

One of the main challenges when changing over to a cloud operating model is merging the individual, inhomogeneous IT systems (on-premises, cloud) into an overall system. Based on the experience gathered from our client projects over the past years, Consist has developed a range of services that supports companies on their way toward an overall system in the cloud.

An overview of the cloud services

  • Cloud architecture and orchestration

    Operation of IT systems in hybrid or multi-cloud, automation of processes

  • Modernizing business applications

    Migration, re-engineering, individual extensions, automation of specialist processes

  • IT and data security in the cloud

    Reliable and compliant

  • Corporate data in the cloud

    Uniform database for comprehensive analyses


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