Feb 27, 2023 - Newsflash

Splunk expert guest with technical lecture at Consist

Cloud Observability - tracking the data in the cloud

More and more complex data from companies is migrating to the cloud. In view of the massive increase in data structures with more and more containers, data silos inevitably arise - so new approaches are needed as to how these can be monitored in practice. This is where observability comes into play - monitoring in the sense of reducing complexity by intelligently merging data from the enterprise environment. Frank Heerlein, Sr. Partner Technical Manager Splunk, explained how this works down to each individual container and microservice, and how errors in usability and in the system can be detected more quickly, at Consist on 2/17-23. At the invitation of the Special Interest Group Data, he presented Splunk's analytics-based and OpenTelemetry-native observability solution.

In the subsequent exchange, it became clear that consulting must first understand the company with its overall services. All data building blocks must be found before various applications and functionalities, some of which are not yet in the cloud, are brought into it. The entire integration effort must be built on this understanding, so that even the migration of entire services to the cloud can be done in a meaningful way.

Splunk Observability Cloud supports both the upstream OpenTelemetry Collector and a separate Splunk distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector.


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