Jun 30, 2021 - Company announcement

Security operations centers: avoiding errors, creating the right basics with innovative endpoint security approaches

Consist and Tanium publish a white paper on Next Generation SOC

A lack of resources and cost pressure force many companies to outsource their security operations centers (SOCs) to external providers. However, the expectations in terms of responsiveness and proactive protection are frequently not met when IT security issues are outsourced.

In order to prevent disappointment from the start, there are a lot of aspects to consider beforehand and while operating an SOC, which are explained in the white paper on Next Generation Security Operations Centers (NG-SOC). This paper originated in cooperation between security experts at Consist Software Solutions GmbH and Tanium Inc., who deal with the criticality and analysis of data as part of proactive network backups.

The challenges of today's SOC

In addition to organizational difficulties, it is clear that the purely automated approach taken by many service providers generates too many false positives and, as a result, places excessive demands on data and staff capacities. Efficiency is the magic word here. But how do I create this from the outset?

The visibility of all data points from all endpoints in the company in real time is a key factor here. Only then can vulnerability management, compliance and SIEM solutions, in which all other data sources converge, work properly. The exact form in which this takes place in a modern SOC is one of the aspects explained in the white paper.

Reducing complexity, saving costs and massively curbing attack vectors – these are the challenges today’s SOCs face. A traditional, more defensively set up SOC will barely be able to keep up with the intensity of increasing cyber attacks in the long term. The ability to manage even the highest data peaks during an acute attack will be just as decisive as proactively covering all attack points in the company.

The full white paper on this topic is available at consist.de/ng-soc.

Tanium provides standardized endpoint management solutions and IT security platforms which are designed to fit with the most sophisticated IT environments.

Consist Software Solutions GmbH is a specialist in digital transformation, IT security and managed services. Modular SIEM/SOC solutions are one of the company’s core services in IT security. Consist was named "Rising Star of the Year" in 2021 by its technology partner, Tanium.

Arbeiten in einem modernen Security Operations Center - SOC
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A modern SOC requires targeted, efficient handling of the incoming data.

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