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Jobbus at Consist

May 10, 10:15 am: First stop in Kiel was the company Consist Software Solutions with its location in the science park. Perhaps this was the reason why the students were still quite fresh. In any case, many questions were asked, which was especially appreciated by the three speakers from the Managed Services, Projects and Sales division of Consist.

The main focus was laid on continuing education. It was asked about the company-specific further training possibilities and what qualifications were offered in the field of project management. Here one can assume that not only Consist is taken at the word, if in the company lecture previously it was said that each individual employee is given the necessary time on this occasion

The international focus of Consist also attracted a lot of interest. "How is the staff's willingness to travel?" Or "Are there opportunities for international deployment?", were questions. According to this, there appears to be a trend whereby young graduates are more likely to move abroad rather than into the more remote country. Consist responded to it a few years ago and adjusted its corporate setting accordingly.

After an hour and a half, the event went on with the next company. A successful action, so found all involved, which is also reflected by first short applications.

To the background
In 2014 the Jobbus started for the first time. This initiative, which is free of charge for students, is an initiative of the Digital Economy Cluster Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH). It is supported by the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen Foundation.

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Speakers from Consist are introducing individual business areas to the students. Source: Consist Software Solutions GmbH


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