Apr 17, 2015 - Product announcement

App from Consist available for 2015

New version of the cruise ship app - "Traumschiffe in Kiel"

The "Traumschiffe in Kiel" app from Consist provides ship fans, hobby photographers, and water sports enthusiasts with comprehensive, free information about all cruise ships and passenger ferries on the Kiel Fjord and the Kiel Canal. Now it's available with current ship data for 2015 on both iOS and Android. And the new version is even easier to use.

Kiel – Consist has now made the new version of the "Traumschiffe in Kiel" app available with current data for 2015. The app shows which cruise ships are passing the Kiel Canal and arriving in the Kiel harbor, and when. Passenger ships and ferries with a minimum length of 50 meters are shown. The app is free of charge and available for the iOS and Android operating systems through the App Store or Google Play.

App features - existing and new

In the app's main menu, users can select between detailed information, a live map with recommended observation points, and photos of all the ships.

The detailed information includes the year the ship was built, its width, length, draft, gross tonnage, speed, passenger capacity, and the shipping company.

The app is perfect for anybody who wants to know which ships are currently in the Kiel Fjord or in the eastern part of the Kiel Canal, or where a certain cruise ship is at the moment. Ship lovers can also use the app to find out when a given ship will be in Kiel next.

The new version of the app has been made even easier to use and more modern. The new features include:

  • The redesigned start page shows the user immediately which ships can be seen in Kiel over the next seven days. Navigation through the app uses a newly introduced slide menu.
  • The user can find all the important information about a ship in the detailed overview without having to change views.
  • The live map is combined with viewpoints so you don't have to switch back and forth between two maps.
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In the home screen of the cruise ship app, ship enthusiasts can see which ships will be in Kiel in the next seven days. Source: Consist Software Solutions GmbH

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The list of ships shows which ships are arriving/have arrived in alphabetical order. Source: Consist Software Solutions GmbH

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The detailed view groups information about a ship in a clear format so the user can access all information without having to change views. Source: Consist Software Solutions GmbH


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