Mar 2, 2018 - Company announcement

Finding Career paths free from cultural influences

Refugee project visits Consist

A vocational orientation project of the AWO wants to meet reservations of young refugees about practical apprenticeships with information directly from companies.

Kiel - On February 27, 2018, the project "Career orientation for newly-immigrated youth and adults" visited the IT service provider Consist Software Solutions. Participants in the project are a total of 23 young people, most of whom fled from Syria to Germany two years ago. It is particularly important for the supervisors of the national association of the AWO, that the young people get to know ways in which they can reach their professional goal much faster and easier. After all, many refugees still consider vocational training to be inferior to university education. This attitude is shaped by their experiences in the country of origin, where the concept of dual education is not known and only university education can lead to a position of professional renown.

That a vocational training is quite demanding, of that they might have been convinced by two of the trainees of Consist. In the lecture, they explained the dual apprenticeship as IT specialist for application development, paying particular attention to the advantages and differences compared to a degree course. The many questions asked by the audience, among others about the further differentiation towards the dual study or the international validity of the qualification, proved a strong interest. For one or the other, new perspectives are emerging.

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Welcome by Thomas Bröckers, Area Manager Managed Services at Consist (left), Source: Consist Software Solutions GmbH


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