Jan 11, 2018 - Company announcement

Consist Software Solutions heralds the turn of the year with the expansion of the management

Since 1 January 2018 Jörg Hansen is a new member of the management board at Consist

With the appointment of Jörg Hansen, Consist responds to continued growth.

Kiel – Consist is growing - in all areas. Since 2012, the number of employees has nearly doubled to more than 190. An end to this development is not in sight, because the demand for both modern big data and security solutions as well as classic system support and application development for IT infrastructures is increasing steadily. Parallel to the enlarged business units, the IT service provider from Kiel has now strengthened its management. Since the beginning of 2018, Martin Lochte-Holtgreven, long-term Managing Director, has been supported by Jörg Hansen, formerly Head of Managed Services at Consist.

With more than 100 employees, Managed Services is currently one of the largest in the company. Jörg Hansen is nevertheless not a pure homegrown talent of Consist. He studied business informatics at Kiel and learned the profession virtually from the bottom up with a classical career start as an application developer. As he is active in the IT business for 25 years now, he continued his career through two other IT companies, from coordination and process consulting to product management and sales of services.

Understanding that communication and relationships are key factors in the IT business as well, he found Consist to be a like-minded company. Since joining 10 years ago, he has undergone two training courses as a mediator and supervisor, accompanying his leadership activities.

Now he wants to contribute to the management board that Consist more than ever acts as a consultant who "identifies out of diffuse buzzword hype the relevant IT business topics and transports them in high quality solutions for the customer." Internally, he wants to guarantee that the traditional Kiel company further professionalises its proven corporate culture with modern agile personnel and decision-making structures. On this basis he sees Consist still attractive on the market after more than 30 years and well positioned for the future.

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Jörg Hansen, additional managing director at Consist; Source: Consist Software Solutions GmbH


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