Apr 24, 2020 - Event announcement

Validation for IT security on board is required by law as from January 1, 2021

Cyber security for shipping company ships

Kiel – While the number of pirate attacks around the world has been decreasing since 2010, the risk of more modern forms of attack has risen. “The risk of a cyber attack increases for everyone involved when more data is exchanged between ships, shipping companies, port operations, offshore facilities, authorities and other communication partners on land. It is important for all stakeholders in the maritime industry that the IT systems are protected as much as possible from cyber attacks,” according to the joint declaration between the federal government and the maritime industry in 2017. The NotPetya malware provided a taster of this at global scale when it paralyzed entire maritime delivery chains in the same year.

The resolution by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) meanwhile obliges shipping companies to adequately protect their IT systems and business processes using technical and organizational measures. As from January 2021, this should be reviewed as part of the annual "Documentation of Compliance" (DOC) checks.

The VHT (an independent service provider for the maritime and transport industry) and Consist are therefore now working together to offer boot camps on “Cost-optimized implementation of the IMO cyber security requirements” for shipping companies.

The first boot camp in 2020 is to take place online on May 6, and after that on-site events are planned in Leer (06.30.2020, possibly also an online boot camp), Lübeck (09.16.2020), Bremen (09.29.2020) and Hamburg (10.20.2020).

In addition, the shipping companies are also offered a “quick check”, which takes about eight hours and could be conducted during a NOK passage, for example, or while docking in the ports at Hamburg, Brunsbüttel, Kiel or Stade. This will not disturb onboard operations.

The online boot camp costs 900 euros and each attendance event costs 980 euros. Both include authorization for a “quick check” at a price of 1,200 euros per person/ship. More information and to sign up: cyber@vht-online.de

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