Sep 28, 2020 - Company announcement

Social commitment in the region

Consist donates to the Kieler Förde hospice

Consist Software Solutions is supporting the Kieler Förde hospice with a four thousand euro donation. The hospice accompanies people during the final stages of their lives.

Kiel – the IT service provider Consist Software Solutions GmbH donated €4,000 to the Kieler Förde hospice in September. The company has been supporting good causes in the region for many years – such as in 2019 for the Mach Mittag campaign and in 2018 for the Blauer Elefant children’s center. The staff at Consist decide which organization should get the money each time from a preliminary selection.

"Thank you very much for your generous donation," said Annika Weerts, Head of the hospice (nursing) and Managing Director of the Hospiz Kieler Förde gGmbH. The hospice relies on donations and can now fulfill a dream it has had for a long time: a covered bicycle stand is to be built for its employees and the families of its guests. "Intentionally not traveling by car is an increasingly popular social topic - also for us - just like keeping our bodies fit and healthy. We would like to build this covered bicycle stand so that the bikes can be stored safely and are protected from the weather," said Annika Weerts to explain what the money will be used for.

About the Kieler Förde hospice

Hospices accompany people during the final stages of their lives. They also bring the topics of death and dying into the public eye, explain them and try to eliminate people’s fears.

The Kieler Förde hospice has been in existence since 2005; since 2012 it has been located in a new building in Kiel. It can house up to 16 guests. An interdisciplinary team from the fields of nursing, social work, medicine, counseling, musical therapy, grief counseling and voluntary work provides these guests and their families with the space and time they need to say their personal goodbyes.

Donations are necessary

Hospices rely on donations because the health insurance companies only recognize a maximum of 95% of their costs. As the Kieler Förde hospice also does not receive any state grants, donations are important and very welcome, in order to finance the remaining 5% of the costs.

Hospiz Kieler Förde
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The Kieler Förde hospice has been planning to build a covered bicycle stand for its employees and members at the main entrance to the building. Thanks to the €4,000 donation by Consist Software Solutions in September 2020, they will now be able to fulfill this wish. Source: Hospiz Kieler Förde

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