AI powered ITSM with SysAid

Imagine IT service management running all by itself. Tickets closed. Tasks finished. Entire workflows doing their thing. This is not wishful thinking, but service automation with SysAid.

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The importance of efficient service management is constantly increasing in companies. When using SysAid, companies and their employees benefit from more productivity, higher satisfaction and greater ease in their everyday work thanks to artificial intelligence.

Relaxed faces instead of dark circles around the eyes. For me, that is ITSM automation with SysAid.

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Top Features of SysAid

  • Self-service portal

    Allow end users to submit tickets, engage in chat, track ticket history, and use the knowledge base to perform self-service actions.

  • Digital workflows

    Easily build and modify workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, in order to drive business impact across more areas of your organization.

  • IT asset management

    See all of the IT assets on your network (computers, software, and other devices), and their attributes, in a single view.

  • SysAid Copilot

    Deliver conversational support to end-users that enables them to self-resolve issues 24/7 and free admins from repetitive tickets.

  • Ticket management

    Automate your IT processes and activities, from logging tickets through to issue management.

  • Incident management

    Automate your service desk processes, from incident logging to resolution; improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your service desk.

  • Change management

    Improve control over, and the management of, RFCs and the changes themselves; execute every change with speed and accuracy.

  • Problem management

    Systemize problem management workflow; it’s everything you need for dealing with both simple and complex problems.

  • Service desk automation

    Automate all your service desk processes and activities using routing and escalation rules, priorities, dynamic forms, and end-user notifications.

Overview of all features

Enhanced Service with SysAid CoPilot

Cutting edge, generative AI capabilities designed to liberate IT Pros, transform employee experience, and reinforce organizational productivity. SysAid Copilot is seamlessly baked into every element of service management. And all of this without any setup and coding.

SysAid Copilot enables end-users to self-resolve issues 24/7 with friendly guidance. Freeing admins from repetitive tickets and time consuming tasks, they can now focus on the important tasks that truly advance your company.

Now available: SysAid CoPilot with GPT-4o. The advantages at a glance: faster, more accurate chatbot responses, improved ticket resolution times, perceiving end-user queries more precisely.

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SysAid Spaces – Get more done seamlessly

With SysAid Spaces, you benefit from a reshaping service delivery with a comprehensive ITSM platform that is designed with IT pros in mind, and built upon an innovative and intuitive interface.

Efficient teamwork, maximum productivity

SysAid Spaces streamlines and automates ticket management to reduce MTTR and boost overall organizational productivity. Impactful features such as inline editing, and the ability to take direct action from the ticket journey, empowers admins to work cohesively and reach new levels of efficiency.

Get the most out of SysAid Spaces by supercharging it with SysAid Copilot. SysAid Copilot seamlessly complements SysAid Spaces. The power of SysAid Copilot provides admins with meaningful generative AI capabilities that assist them with making work flow.

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Queue view: Get a clear, consolidated, intuitive view of your entire workload
For more details about the key features and benefits of SysAid Spaces, feel free to reach out to us.

SysAid for Microsoft Teams

Get employees back to work faster by supporting them where they “live and breathe” – they’ll simply chat their requests in Microsoft Teams, and get the help they need. As for you, you’ll remain in your ticket queue and stay productive! So go on, breathe easy, we got you.

  • Wow end users
    Give employees the consumer-grade, self-service experience they love around the clock.
  • Empower your admins
    Hit MTTR goals even faster by automatically categorizing and routing incoming tickets. So your admins can answer tickets more efficiently than ever before.
  • Better visibility
    A clear “paper trail” for auditing and traceability is maintained within SysAid.

Now available: AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams

Turn your IT admins and team leaders into pioneers of productivity by baking AI into every element of service management and meeting your end users where they are. Leverage the full power of generative AI with SysAid Copilot’s AI Chatbot.

Consist - your SysAid Platinum partner

Das Logo von Consist steht über dem Logo der SysAid-Partnerschaft.

Consist is SysAid's only platinum partner in the DACH region. This partnership serves the growing demand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for comprehensive, ITIL-compliant service management solutions that enable IT professionals to work smarter and be more productive.

SysAid Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of IT and enterprise service management solutions, to deliver a best-in-class service management platform, driven by Generative AI, to companies and industries of all sizes in the DACH market. 

Our partnership enables you to use a multi-award-winning platform including implementation and support in German, including complete data storage in Germany. Take advantage of our decades of IT experience.

Liberty for your IT

Liberty for your IT

SysAid has the mission to bring real relief to organizations through the use of AI.

Imagine a workday infused with intelligence and ease. This is the vision: to lead organizations on a transformative journey towards AI-driven organizational processes and services.

SysAid orchestrates service management across the entire company. This is made possible by generative AI. And the best part? No setup required!

Conversational AI is here to manage employee requests, assist with queries, and accelerate the resolution of issues.

With SysAid, IT professionals and service management leaders become productivity pioneers. IT employees return to simplicity and gain time for real added value.

Further information:

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